Blister (TV series)

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Country of origin  United States
Running time 21-22 minutes
(30 minutes w/commercials)
Original channel G4
Original release Wednesday May 1, 2002 – 2004

Blister was a TV show that aired on G4 in the United States. Blister featured game trailers and videos narrated by the host in the style of game's main character. It was hosted by Bill Sindelar.


Blister was the first show to air on G4 when it launched in 2002. The show was very popular with fans, as was the host Bill Sindelar.[citation needed] The show went to E3, interviewed famous industry insiders, and looked at action games. Blister Declassified premiered in 2003, which was Sindelar's quest to find Polybius. The 3rd and final part is said to have been filmed when G4 announced the cancellation of the series in early 2004, due to budget problems. The final episode aired was "Skunk'd", a parody of MTV's Punk'd. The 3rd and final part of Blister Declassified never aired.

Blister was produced by Mike Dunn and Jonathan Solin, both still working at G4. Jonathan Solin is a segment producer on X-Play and has appeared on air as The Canadian Guy and Tingle from the Legend of Zelda.

Notable episodes[edit]

  • "Blister Declassified Part 1": Part 1 of the Search for Polybius.
  • "Blister Declassified Part 2": Part 2 of the Search for Polybius.
  • "Halloween 2003": Sindelar becomes paranoid when he cannot find his games.
  • "End Year Sindelatactular 2003": Year end special that aired at the end of 2003. It was intended to be an annual event, but Blister was cancelled months later.
  • "Skunk'd": The final episode, a parody of MTV's Punk'd. Sindelar plays jokes on his fellow G4 hosts.

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