Blithfield meteorite

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Structural classification Breccia
Class Chondrite
Group E6 [1]
Shock stage [1]
Weathering grade [1]
Country Canada
Region Ontario, Canada
Coordinates 45°30′22″N 76°57′57″W / 45.50611°N 76.96583°W / 45.50611; -76.96583Coordinates: 45°30′22″N 76°57′57″W / 45.50611°N 76.96583°W / 45.50611; -76.96583
Observed fall no
Found date August 13, 1910
TKW 1.83 kilograms (4.0 lb)[1]

The Blithfield meteorite [1] was found by Mr. Joseph Legree in Blithfield Township, Renfrew County, Ontario and measured about 8 centimetres (3.1 in) x 10 centimetres (3.9 in) x 13.5 centimetres (5.3 in).[2] The main mass is now in the Canadian National collection, Ottawa. Blithfield is an enstatite chondrite, a group of very unusual meteorites that were formed in a very reducing atmosphere. It is a breccia, one of only five known enstatite chondrite breccias.[3]

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