Blitzkrieg 3

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Blitzkrieg 3
Blitzkrieg3 logo en.png
Developer(s) Nival
Publisher(s) Nival
Series Blitzkrieg
Engine Unity[citation needed]
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows
  • WW: 2015
Genre(s) Massivley multipleyer online real-time strategy[1]
Mode(s) Single-player, multiplayer

Blitzkrieg 3 (Russian: Блицкриг 3) is an in-development online massively multiplayer online real-time strategy computer game,[1] based on the events of World War II, a sequel to Blitzkrieg 2 and is the third and latest title in the Blitzkrieg series.[2] Nival published the first trailer for the game on YouTube on August 13, 2013 featuring live action footage mixed with concept artwork and actual in-game footage and renders.[3] Company's CEO Sergey Orlovskiy told in an interview, that game will be released at the third part of 2015. On November 25, 2014, Blitzkrieg's pre-order campaign was launched. On May 6, 2015, Blitzkrieg 3 hit Steam Early Access.


Multiplayer campaign[edit]

The multiplayer mode is based on the attack and defence of fortified areas. Each player has a tactical foothold at their disposal, in which it is necessary to build defensive fortifications, arrange defences, lay mines and place anti-tank obstacles. Successful assaults of enemy players’ bases is rewarded with resources from Command, which can then be used to order more advanced troops, or to upgrade vehicles and weapons. When the player reaches a certain level of technical progress, they are given a more significant front sector, the cap on the number of their available units is raised, and the size of the area under their defence is expanded.[4]

Single-player campaign[edit]

Blitzkrieg 3 single-player campaign will cover the main period of World War II - from the Poland invasion in September 1939 up to fall of Berlin in May 1945. The campaign gives you command of the three in-game factions, each of which has its own section:[4]

Several of single-player campaign missions are available as part of the Early Access build.


Each multiplayer force can be headed by a general. All generals have their own unit assignments and preferred set of units, which can radically change the game tactics and combat actions during both attack and defence. The following generals are available to owners of the Strategic and Deluxe Editions of the game:


The key new multiplayer feature is the AI, which allows the game to continue when only one of the two human players is online. After the players build their defensive lines around their bases, the defence can be commanded by either the human player or the AI, if the player needs to go AFK.

There are no internal microtransactions in the game. This means that the player pays only the box price for the game, with the possibility of paid DLC and expansions further on. Nival decided to abandon the idea of microtransactions during early testing.

Downloadable content[edit]

Deluxe Edition[edit]

The Deluxe Edition is available as a downloadable upgrade pack in the Steam store, and includes:

  • Exclusive generals, such as Rokossovsky, Manstein, and Montgomery.
  • Tank models that replace standard combat vehicles
  • Various in-game rewards, such as the ‘Silver’ Nick (the player’s nick in chat will be highlighted in silver), and the Great Leader’s Statue, an authentic monument to an iconic figure, for an army chosen by the player.
  • An exclusive single-player mission featuring the ‘Dora’ railway gun.[5]


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