Blizzard of Ozz Tour

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Blizzard of Ozz Tour
Promotional tour by Ozzy Osbourne
Associated album Blizzard of Ozz
Start date September 12, 1980
End date September 13, 1981
Legs United Kingdom (1)
North America (1)
• United States (3)
• Canada (1)
-> North America (4)
Total: 5
Overall: 2 Major Legs
Number of shows United Kingdom (35)
• England (31)
• Scotland (3)
• Wales (1)
North America (94)
• United States (82)
• Canada (12)
Total: 128
Cancelled (16)
Overall Total: 144
Ozzy Osbourne concert chronology

The Blizzard of Ozz Tour was the first concert tour by English heavy metal vocalist Ozzy Osbourne as a solo artist, following his departure from Black Sabbath. The tour, which was in support of Osbourne's debut solo album, Blizzard of Ozz, covered the United Kingdom, the United States, & Canada from September 12, 1980 to September 13, 1981. The tour was a success as Ozzy made a great comeback with his debut album and Randy Rhoads making his debut as the newly recognized Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Guitar God/Hero/Legend.



Ozzy Osbourne was fired from Black Sabbath on April 27, 1979.[1][2][3] After that, Sharon Osbourne helped Ozzy get back on his feet to begin his solo career later that same year. After auditioning hundreds of guitarists, including Gary Moore from Thin Lizzy and George Lynch of Dokken, Ozzy could not find the guitarist that he had wanted. Then, at the request of the present bassist of the local Los Angeles band "Bad Axe" and future Slaughter bassist, Dana Strum, who had been hired by Ozzy alongside future Quiet Riot drummer Frankie Banali to be part of the original line-up, Ozzy ended up hiring Randy Rhoads from Quiet Riot as his new guitarist in late October 1979. Unfortunately, Dana Strum and Frankie Banali could not get their passports and work visas to go to England so they were no longer in the band, and Randy also had trouble getting his, but eventually it all worked out and he went to England and met back up with Ozzy. During that time, with Dana & Frankie out of the picture, Ozzy & Sharon had hired former Rainbow bassist Bob Daisley in November 1979, and he would later provide both Ozzy & Randy with a lot of help with writing both the lyrics & the a lot of the music for songs. The first song that Ozzy, Randy, & Bob had written together was "Goodbye to Romance" as Ozzy had a vocal melody, Randy had the great riffs & guitar melodies, especially the main signature intro guitar riff/melody, & Bob came up with the bass line & provided Ozzy with lyrics that suited his vocal melody. Then Randy had also come up with the riffs/melodies to songs like "Crazy Train," "Suicide Solution," "Dee," "Mr. Crowley," "I Don't Know," "Revelation Mother Earth," etc. as the band would also join in on writing the songs as well as finding a drummer. Eventually, after auditioning so many drummers, Ozzy, Sharon, Randy and Bob hired former-Uriah Heep drummer Lee Kerslake in December 1979.[1] Then between January and February 1980, the band began to work on some of the material that Randy & Bob as well as Ozzy had begun to write as they wrote more material and rehearsed the material more to begin to recording a debut album. The band then went to Ridge Farm Studios in Rusper to record the debut album, Blizzard of Ozz, from March 22 to April 19, 1980. After that, Sharon got Ozzy signed to Jet Records through her father, Don Arden (CEO of Jet Records), so that they could release the finished album in the United Kingdom.

United Kingdom (1980)[edit]

In August 1980, the band began rehearsing at Shepperton Studios in Shepperton, England for the upcoming "Blizzard of Ozz Tour" in the United Kingdom. Don Airey, who had been hired to perform keyboards and synthesizers on "Mr. Crowley," "Goodbye to Romance" and "Revelation Mother Earth," could not tour with Ozzy since he had already signed a contract to tour with Rainbow, so the band hired Lindsay Bridgewater as the new keyboard player who play with Ozzy until December 1981 after the U.K. Leg of the Diary of a Madman Tour was over.[4][5][6] The band eventually did two secret warm-up gigs while billed as "The Law" in September, the first show being at Norbreck Castle Nightclub in Blackpool on September 3, and the second show being at West Runton Pavilion on September 5. The band kicked off its opening night of the Blizzard of Ozz Tour in front a sold-out crowd at the Glasgow Apollo on September 12 and their debut was a success.[7] a week before the album's UK release.[8] The 70s Welsh heavy metal band Budgie would be opening up for Ozzy throughout the 1980 United Kingdom Leg of the tour. Then eight days later on September 20, Blizzard of Ozz was released in the United Kingdom and it was a huge success.[8] "Crazy Train" was released as Ozzy's first big-hit single and "Mr. Crowley" was also released as a hit single. "Goodbye to Romance," "I Don't Know," and "Suicide Solution" also got tons of radio airplay. On October 2, they played at The Gamount Theatre in Southampton where the recordings of "Goodbye to Romance" and "No Bone Movies" would appear on the live Ozzy Osbourne/Randy Rhoads Tribute album, which was released on March 19, 1987, and the live recordings of "Mr. Crowley," "Suicide Solution" and "You Said It All" would be released on the Mr. Crowley Live EP as that night's performance contained the only known live performance of "You Said It All". On November 1, the band did its last show of the U.K. Leg as the "Blizzard of Ozz" at the "Canterbury Odeon." Sharon got Ozzy signed to CBS Records in the United States and Canada through CBS records executive Tony Martell in January 1981 after the infamous Ozzy incident that would go down as one of the craziest events in hard rock/heavy metal history since Ozzy & Sharon visited these snobby pretentious dull impatient record executives at CBS to promote Blizzard so that it could be released in the U.S. & that Sharon wanted to release 2 doves as a sign of peace, but instead Ozzy had other plans as he bit the head off one of the doves, which caused freaked out everyone in the room & caused nothing but mayhem, yet it got them signed. The band the. regrouped back at Ridge Farm to record a second album, Diary of a Madman between February and March 1981. Tensions between Ozzy/Sharon & Bob/Lee over contract issues over their names, money, credit, and royalties were getting worse, which then led to Sharon firing both Bob and Lee in March 1981. After that, Ozzy, Sharon and Randy then went back to the United States to look for a new drummer and bassist so that they could kick off the North American Leg of the Blizzard of Ozz Tour.

North America (1981)[edit]

In March 1981, after firing Bob and Lee [9][9] in April,[10] as well as being signed to CBS Records in the United States, Ozzy hired the drummer that he had wanted in the first place, former-Black Oak Arkansas, Pat Travers & Gary Moore drummer, Tommy Aldridge. After that, former-Quiet Riot bassist as well as one of Randy's closest friends, Rudy Sarzo, was asked by Sharon at Randy's request to audition as the new bassist for Ozzy's band. After the audition was over, Ozzy, Sharon, Randy and Tommy hired Rudy as the new bassist. Blizzard of Ozz was then released in the United States and Canada through CBS Records on March 27, 1981, and it became a huge success, "Crazy Train" and "Mr. Crowley" became big hits and "Goodbye to Romance," "I Don't Know" and "Suicide Solution" also got lots of radio airplay. The album went platinum.[11] In April, the band began the pre-production rehearsals for the North America Leg of the tour at the Swing Auditorium in San Bernardino, California. On April 22, the band kicked off the North America Leg of the tour at Towson Center in Maryland in front of a sold-out crowd, thus making the show a huge success. Throughout much of the 1st 2 United States Legs of the tour as well as the Canada Leg until Heavy Metal Holocaust on August 1, 1981, the band was supported by English heavy metal band Motörhead as well as The Outlaws during the 1st 2 U.S. Legs. On April 28, the band went to 31 Studios in Ogden, New York (just outside Rochester) to film a live performance of the band playing "I Don't Know," "Suicide Solution," "Mr. Crowley," & "Crazy Train," which would be broadcast on the After Hours TV Show as live promo-videos of their songs. On May 2, the band did 2 shows at The Palladium in New York City in front of wold-out crowds. On May 11, the band performed at the Cleveland Music Hall in front of another sold-out crowd, and the live recording of that performance, which was broadcast live over the local rock radio station, eventually became as the first 13 tracks on the "Tribute." On July 4, the band performed in front of the biggest crowd at Bill Graham's Day on the Green Festival (1981) where "415" opened up as the band warmed up for Loverboy, Pat Travers, Blue Öyster Cult, & the headlining Heart. Then the band kicked off the tour in Canada on July 14 at the Victoria Memorial Arena in Victoria, British Columbia. For the Canadian leg of the tour, the Queen City Kids were the opening band for both Motörhead and Ozzy since Canada would not let them tour unless they had a Canadian band be a part of their bill as an opening band. On August 1, both Ozzy and Motörhead along with Triumph, Frank Marino and Mahogany Rush, Riot, and the opening band, Vardis, performed at the Heavy Metal Holocaust Festival (1981) at Vale Park in Burslem, England, and that would be the last show of the Ozzy/Motörhead tour. After that, the band went back to finish the Blizzard of Ozz Tour in the United States with 80s English hard rock band Def Leppard, who were supporting their second studio album High 'n' Dry, along with the Joe Perry Project as the opening band. The band ended the tour with its last show at Peabody Auditorium in Daytona Beach on September 13, 1981. Overall the tour was a major success along with the great debut album.



Tour Dates[edit]


Date City Country Venue
Cancelled August Gigs
August 14, 1980 Edinburgh Scotland Edinburgh Nite Club
August 15, 1980 Newcastle England "The Mayfair" Ballroom
August 19, 1980 Manchester "Rotter's" Nightclub
August 24, 1980 Reading Little John's Farm (Reading Rock Festival 1980)
Secret Warm-Up Gigs
September 3, 1980 Blackpool England Norbreck Castle Nightclub (Billed as "The Law")
September 5, 1980 West Runton West Runton Pavilion (Billed as "The Law")
United Kingdom Leg
September 12, 1980 Glasgow Scotland "Glasgow Apollo" Theatre
(Live Premiere as the "Blizzard of Ozz")
September 13, 1980 Dundee Caird Hall
September 15, 1980 Edinburgh "Edinburgh Odeon" Theatre
September 17, 1980 Newcastle England Newcastle City Hall
September 18, 1980 Bradford St. George's Hall
September 20, 1980 London "Hammersmith Odeon" Theatre
September 23, 1980 Manchester "Manchester Apollo" Theatre
September 24, 1980 Coventry Coventry Theatre
September 26, 1980 Liverpool Liverpool Royal Court Theatre
September 28, 1980 Birmingham "Birmingham Odeon" Theatre
September 29, 1980 Leicester De Montfort Hall
October 1, 1980 Oxford Oxford New Theatre
October 2, 1980 Southampton Southampton Gaumont Theatre ("Mr. Crowley Live EP")
("Goodbye to Romance" & "No Bone Movies" - "Tribute")
(Only Known Performance of "You Said It All"
during the Soundcheck before the Show)
October 3, 1980 Stoke The King's Hall (Ballroom)
October 5, 1980 Derby Derby Assembly Rooms (Great Hall)
October 6, 1980 Blackburn King George's Hall
October 7, 1980 Sheffield Sheffield City Hall (Oval Hall)
October 9, 1980 Cardiff Wales Sophia Gardens Pavilion
October 10, 1980 Taunton England "Taunton Odeon" Theatre
October 11, 1980 Poole Poole Arts Centre (Wessex Hall)
October 13, 1980 Malvern Malvern Winter Gardens
October 14, 1980 Brighton Brighton Dome
October 16, 1980 Wolverhampton Wolverhampton Civic Hall
October 17, 1980 Newcastle "The Mayfair" Ballroom
October 18, 1980 Hull Hull City Hall (Grand Central Hall)
October 20, 1980 Bristol Colston Hall
October 21, 1980 Canterbury "Canterbury Odeon" Theatre
October 22, 1980 Chelmsford "Chelmsford Odeon" Theatre
October 23, 1980 Ipswich Ipswich Gaumont Theatre
October 26, 1980 London "Hammersmith Odeon" Theatre
October 28, 1980 Sunderland "The Mayfair" Theatre
October 29, 1980 Middlesbrough Middlesbrough Town Hall (Theatre)
October 31, 1980 Brighton Brighton Dome
November 1, 1980 Canterbury "Canterbury Odeon" Theatre
(Bob Daisley & Lee Kerslake's Last Known Show)
November 8, 1980 Nottingham The Boat Club
United States (1st Leg)
April 22, 1981 Towson United States Towson Arena (1st Show Billed as "Ozzy Osbourne")
(Rudy Sarzo & Tommy Aldridge's 1st Show)
April 23, 1981 Harrisburg Harrisburg Forum Auditorium
April 24, 1981 Passaic The Capitol Theater
April 25, 1981 Upper Darby "The Tower" Theater
April 26, 1981 Bethlehem Stabler Arena
April 28, 1981 Ogden 31 Studios (After Hours)
April 29, 1981 Rochester Rochester Auditorium Theater
April 30, 1981 Syracuse The Landmark Theater
May 1, 1981 Boston Boston Orpheum Theater
May 2, 1981 New York City The Palladium (2 Shows)
May 3, 1981 Poughkeepsie Mid-Hudson Civic Center (Mair Hall)
May 4, 1981 Springfield Springfield Civic Arena
May 6, 1981 Buffalo Shea's Buffalo Theater
May 8, 1981 Johnstown Cambria County War Memorial Arena
May 9, 1981 Trotwood Hara Arena
May 10, 1981 Toledo Toledo Sports Arena
May 11, 1981 Cleveland Cleveland Music Hall (1st 13 Tracks of "Tribute")
May 12, 1981 Erie Erie County Field House
May 13, 1981 Columbus Columbus Veterans Memorial Auditorium
May 15, 1981 Louisville Louisville Gardens
May 16, 1981 Saginaw Wendler Arena
May 18, 1981 Indianapolis Indianapolis Convention Center
May 19, 1981 Detroit Detroit Masonic Temple Theater
May 20, 1981 Milwaukee The Riverside Theater
May 22, 1981 St. Louis The Checkerdome
May 23, 1981 Rockford Rockford Metro Center
May 24, 1981 Chicago "The Aragon" Ballroom
May 25, 1981 Minneapolis East River Flats Park (River Flats Jam 1981)
May 28, 1981 Omaha Omaha Music Hall
May 30, 1981 Tulsa Brady Theater
May 31, 1981 Austin Austin Municipal Auditorium
June 2, 1981 Kansas City Kansas City Memorial Hall
June 4, 1981 San Antonio San Antonio Convention Center Arena
June 5, 1981 Fort Worth Will Rogers Memorial Auditorium
June 6, 1981 Beaumont Beaumont Fair Park Coliseum
June 7, 1981 Houston Sam Houston Coliseum
United States (2nd Leg)
June 18, 1981 Denver United States Rainbow Music Hall
June 19, 1981 Colorado Springs Colorado Springs City Auditorium
June 21, 1981 El Paso El Paso County Coliseum
June 23, 1981 Tucson Tucson Community Center Arena
June 24, 1981 Phoenix Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum
June 25, 1981 Las Vegas "The Aladdin" Theater
June 26, 1981 San Diego The Fox Theater
June 27, 1981 Long Beach Long Beach Arena
June 28, 1981 Tempe ASU Activities Center
June 30, 1981 Fresno Selland Arena
July 2, 1981 San Bernardino Swing Auditorium
July 3, 1981 Bakersfield Kern County Fairgrounds Pavilion
July 4, 1981 Oakland Oakland Coliseum (Day on the Green 1981)
July 5, 1981 Santa Cruz Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium
July 7, 1981 Redding Redding Civic Auditorium
July 8, 1981 Reno Washoe County Fairgrounds Pavilion
July 9, 1981 Eugene McArthur Court
July 10, 1981 Yakima Yakima Speedway
July 11, 1981 Portland "The Paramount" Theater
July 12, 1981 Seattle "The Paramount" Theater
Canada Leg
July 14, 1981 Victoria Canada Victoria Memorial Arena
July 15, 1981 Vancouver Kerrisdale Arena
July 17, 1981 Edmonton Kinsmen Field House
July 18, 1981 Calgary Max Bell Arena
July 20, 1981 Winnipeg Winnipeg Arena
July 23, 1981 Kitchener Raffi Armenian Theatre
July 24, 1981 London London Gardens
July 25, 1981 Hamilton Hamilton Place Theatre
July 26, 1981 Kingston Jacques Hardy Arena
July 27, 1981 Toronto Maple Leaf Gardens
July 28, 1981 Montreal St. Denis Theatre 1
July 29, 1981 Ottawa Ottawa Civic Arena
August 1, 1981 Burslem England Vale Park
United States (Final Leg)
August 2, 1981 New Haven United States New Haven Coliseum
August 4, 1981 Glens Falls Glens Falls Civic Arena
August 5, 1981 Portland Cumberland County Civic Arena
August 6, 1981 Bangor Bangor Auditorium
August 7, 1981 Providence Ocean State Performing Arts Theater
August 8, 1981 South Fallsburg Music Mountain Theater
August 9, 1981 South Yarmouth Cape Cod Coliseum
August 11, 1981 Pittsburgh Stanley Theater
August 12, 1981 Utica Utica Memorial Auditorium
August 13, 1981 Binghamton Broome County Veterans Memorial Arena
August 14, 1981 Hempstead Nassau Coliseum
August 15, 1981 Asbury Park Asbury Park Convention Hall
August 16, 1981 Columbia Merriweather Post Pavilion
August 18, 1981 Norfolk The Premier Theater
August 19, 1981 Roanoke Roanoke Civic Arena
August 21, 1981 Evansville Mesker Music Theater
August 22, 1981 Hoffman Estates Poplar Creek Music Theater
August 23, 1981 East Troy Alpine Valley Music Theater
August 24, 1981 Ashwaubenon Brown County Veterans Memorial Arena
August 25, 1981 Davenport Palmer Alumni Auditorium
August 27, 1981 Fort Wayne Foellinger Theater
August 28, 1981 Indianapolis Circle Theater
August 29, 1981 South Bend Morris Civic Auditorium
August 30, 1981 Grand Rapids Welsh Auditorium
August 31, 1981 Clarkston Pine Knob Music Theater
September 2, 1981 Springfield Prairie Capital Convention Center Arena
September 3, 1981 Memphis Memphis Orpheum Theater
September 4, 1981 Atlanta The Fox Theater
September 5, 1981 Fayetteville Cumberland County Memorial Arena
September 6, 1981 Charlotte Charlotte Park Center (Auditorium)
September 8, 1981 Columbus Columbus Municipal Auditorium
September 9, 1981 Tampa Curtis Hixon Hall
September 10, 1981 Fort Pierce St. Lucie County Civic Arena
September 11, 1981 Sunrise Sunrise Musical Theater
September 12, 1981
September 13, 1981 Jacksonville Jacksonville Civic Auditorium
Daytona Beach Peabody Auditorium


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