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Blockparty header.gif
Type of site
Online Game Portal, Social network service
Available in English
Owner Nexon America
Products MapleStory, Mabinogi (video game), Combat Arms (video game), Dungeon Fighter Online, PopTag!, Vindictus, Dragon Nest, Atlantica Online
Slogan(s) Where Friends Come Go Live Gaming!
Alexa rank Negative increase 12,347,318 (January 2014)[1]
Registration Required
Users 12 million+
Launched TBA
Current status Offline
Content license

BlockParty is an upcoming free online game portal and social network service, which will be served by the Los Angeles-based Nexon America, a subsidiary of South Korean Nexon Corporation. BlockParty will succeed the current Nexon America game portal by taking over the portal service of MapleStory, Mabinogi, Combat Arms, Dungeon Fighter Online, PopTag!, Vindictus and Atlantica Online as well as future Nexon America games.[2]

BlockParty will serve a large variety of games from the casual PopTag!, to the hardcore action Vindictus and the first-person shooter, Combat Arms. Many more online games are scheduled for publishing through BlockParty including Dragon Nest, an action MMORPG scheduled for the second half of 2011.[3]

Nexon Corporation also runs game portals servicing South Korea, Japan and Europe with partners in China, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Brazil, Vietnam, Russia, Indonesia and The Philippines with over 30 games and over 500 million registered users.

As of Q4 of 2011, the website is offline. No further announcements have been made about BlockParty.

Portal Features[edit]

BlockParty will have many features that the current Nexon America game portal does not.

  • The latest news on all of Nexon America's games in one place.
  • Connecting with friends at any time.
  • Seeing what your friends are up to.
  • Creating personal profiles.
  • Showing off of in-game avatars.
  • Sharing short bits of text with the public.


The Virtual currency that will be used by BlockParty is known as NX. The NX can be used to obtain virtual game items that other users normally wouldn't have. Players can use this virtual cash to buy items for their characters in games that support a Cash Shop. NX can be obtained using credit cards, Pay by Cash, PayPal, charging through the mobile phone via Bill to Mobile, through Nexon Game Cards or through earning free NX through surveys courtesy of SuperRewards.[4]

Nexon Game Cards[edit]

The prepaid cards contain amounts of 10,000 ($10 USD) or 25,000 ($25 USD) NX currency that can be redeemed for NX Cash. As of October 2010, NEXON Game Cards are available a number of retailers including Toys "R" Us, 7-Eleven, GameStop Corporation, Hallmark Cards, and Shoppers Drug Mart.[5] Various American university campuses (unlisted) also carry these cards in their bookstores courtesy of Barnes & Noble[6]

Earn Free NX[edit]

As of August 2010, Nexon America users can earn free NX by completing surveys or taking advantage of great offers from Nexon's marketing partners.[5]


Game Launched Status Official Website
MapleStory May 11, 2005 Live
Audition Online April 2, 2007 New Publishers (Redbana) (Redbana)
Kart Rider - Discontinued after Open Beta (March 2008) Website Closed
Mabinogi March 27, 2008[7] Live
Combat Arms July 11, 2008[8] Live
Sugar Rush - Discontinued after Closed Beta in December 2008 Website Closed
iTCG Online January 20, 2010 Discontinued on June 10, 2010[9] Website Closed
PopTag! January 26, 2010[10] Discontinued on July 14, 2011[11]
Dungeon Fighter Online June 9, 2010[12] Discontinued on June 13, 2013
Vindictus October 27, 2010[13] Live
Atlantica Online March 29, 2011 (Service Taken Over From Ndoors[14]) Live
MapleStory Adventures
Facebook game
July 27, 2011 Discontinued on July 31, 2013
Dragon Nest September 27, 2011[15] Live
Sudden Attack November 16, 2011 (Service Taken Over From Gamehi) Live
Zombie Misfits
Facebook game
October 25, 2011 Live
Wonder Cruise
Facebook game
November 11, 2011 Live

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