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Blocking may refer to:

Science, technology, and mathematics[edit]

Computing and telecommunications[edit]


Other uses in science[edit]

  • Blocking (linguistics), where the existence of a competing form blocks the application of a morphological process
  • Blocking (statistics), in the design of experiments, the arranging of experimental units in groups (blocks) which are similar to one another
  • Atmospheric blocking, a phenomenon in meteorology of large scale stationary pressure cells
  • Blocking, in the western blot technique, a process to prevent unwanted binding of antibodies to a membrane

Other technologies[edit]

  • Blocking (construction), short boards used as reinforcement or to provide attachment points in wood-framed and other forms of construction


Theatre and film[edit]

  • Blocking (stage), the movement and positioning of actors on a stage, or within a frame in film
  • Blocking (animation), a technique in which key poses establish timing and placement of items in a scene

Other uses[edit]

  • Blocking (textile arts), the process of stretching a knitted garment into shape while wet or using steam
  • Blocking (transport), the process of dividing a transit schedule into parts that can be operated by a single vehicle
  • Blocking troops - military barrier troops positioned to forestall unauthorised retreats

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