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Developer(s)Linden Lab
Publisher(s)Linden Lab
Platform(s)iPad, iPhone, iPod, macOS, Microsoft Windows [1]
ReleaseiPad: July 26, 2013

iPhone: March 3, 2016 Windows: September 25, 2017

macOS: September 25, 2017
Mode(s)Single-player Edit this on Wikidata

Blocksworld is a physics-based 3D sandbox video game developed by Linden Lab for the iPad, the iPhone on July 26, 2013. On September 25, 2017, Blocksworld was released on Steam. As of 2020, Blocksworld is absent from Linden Lab's website (excluding previous press releases), and servers were fully shut down June 17, 2020. It was subsequently removed from the App Store afterwards, and was later pulled from Steam on July 2, 2020.[2] Fortunately, there is a second server available for players to play Blocksworld again on their PC, meaning Blocksworld is no longer an iPad game.


In Blocksworld, players can build from 3D building blocks that can be combined to construct simple or complex creations. Players can also use "action blocks" and a drag-and-drop visual programming tool to add interactivity and gaming to their creations. Examples include drivable cars, flyable jets, and playable games with win/lose conditions, health systems, and other attributes.[3]


Blocksworld was initially developed by Swedish independent video game developer Boldai, which was acquired by U.S.-based Linden Lab in early 2013.[4][5] An earlier version of the game was briefly available in 2012 in Sweden, Iceland, Finland, Denmark and Norway.[6] However, for the subsequent global release, the game was repositioned as a freemium offering where players have the option to purchase premium sets and games, additional building objects and pieces, coins, and other upgrades and extras for a small fee. There has not been an update to the game since early 2019.


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