Blood River

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Blood River (Ncome, Bloedrivier)
Country South Africa
State KwaZulu-Natal
Source Highlands SE of Utrecht
 - location Buffalo River
 - coordinates 27°50′56″S 30°35′35″E / 27.84889°S 30.59306°E / -27.84889; 30.59306Coordinates: 27°50′56″S 30°35′35″E / 27.84889°S 30.59306°E / -27.84889; 30.59306
Location of the Blood River's mouth

Blood River (Afrikaans: Bloedrivier; Zulu: Ncome) is situated in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. This river has its sources in the hills SE of Utrecht; leaving the highlands it is joined by two important tributaries that originate in the Schurveberg, after which it flows meandering through a sandy plain.[1] The Blood River is a tributary of the Buffalo River, itself a tributary of the Tugela River which it joins from the north-east.[2]

This river is so named after the Battle of Blood River in which Zulu king Dingaan was defeated by Andries Pretorius' troops in 1838.[3]

The Blood River Vlei, located about 20 km to the south-west of Vryheid, is one of the biggest inland wetlands in South Africa, and the wintering place of migratory birds such as ducks and geese.[4]

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