Bloemhof Dam

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Bloemhof Dam
Bloemhof Dam from the North West.jpg
Bloemhof Dam is located in South Africa
Bloemhof Dam
Location of Bloemhof Dam in South Africa
Official name Bloemhof Dam
Country South Africa
Location border Northwest and Free State
Coordinates 27°40′15″S 25°37′40″E / 27.67083°S 25.62778°E / -27.67083; 25.62778Coordinates: 27°40′15″S 25°37′40″E / 27.67083°S 25.62778°E / -27.67083; 25.62778
Opening date 1970
Owner(s) Department of Water Affairs
Dam and spillways
Type of dam Concrete gravity with earth flanks
Impounds Vaal River
Height 33 m
Length 4270 m
Spillway type Crest gate (controlled)
Spillway capacity 14 300 m³/s (max)
Creates Bloemhof Dam Reservoir
Total capacity 1 269 000 000 m³
Surface area 2226 ha

Bloemhof Dam is a dam in South Africa. It was originally known as the Oppermansdrif Dam when under construction during the late 1960s. It is located at the confluence of the Vaal River and the Vet River, on the border between the provinces North West and Free State. The dam wall has a total length of 4,270 metres (14,010 ft) The reservoir is very shallow,[clarification needed] and therefore needs a large area to mean anything for water storage. The area around the reservoir (dam), has been a protected area, but because it lies on the border between provinces, these became two separate nature reserves. On the North West Province side lies the Bloemhof Dam Nature Reserve, on the Free State side is the Sandveld Nature Reserve.

The town of Bloemhof lies on the north west side of the Vaal River.

The dam was commissioned in 1970, has a capacity of 1,269,000,000 cubic metres (4.48×1010 cu ft),[1] and has an area of 223 square kilometres (86 sq mi);[1] the wall is 33 metres (108 ft) high. It is fed with the outflow from the Vaal dam (located upstream near Heidelberg) as well as rain collected in the Vaal-, Vet-, Vals- and Sandriver catchment areas.


Bloemhof Dam is a world-renowned fishing destination for carp and catfish. It is one of the most frequently visited dams for angling events.[citation needed]

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