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The Waldorf Blofeld is a synthesizer combining virtual analogue synthesis with wavetable synthesis, and FM synthesis. It is available as a small desktop unit and as a 49 key velocity and aftertouch sensitive keyboard version. The keyboard version features some extra controls such as two performance wheels and up/down transpose keys to shift the keyboard range up and down. It was named after Ernst Stavro Blofeld, the leader of the fictional SPECTRE from Ian Fleming's James Bond series. Two subsequent Waldorf synthesizers were named after Bond villains (the Stromberg and Largo). Spectre is also the name of the Waldorf application for sending sound files to the machine, providing the user owns a license.

The 25-voice, 16 part multitimbral instrument is marketed as a low-cost unit that can reproduce the sounds from previous Waldorf synthesizers in the Q and Wave lines.[1]

Both versions feature a stereo output, headphone output and a USB port for computer control and firmware updates. The desktop unit has MIDI In and the keyboard unit has both In and Out. The desktop unit is powered by a wall wart power supply.

A number of sound packs are available for purchase. Some require a specific sample licence - again at an additional cost


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Notable users Psychotica, Susanne Sundfor