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BlogOpen (Serbian Cyrillic: БлогОпен, Serbian Latin: BlogOpen), is the regional labour-friendly Bloggers meet-up created in 2007 by the reputation of the world similar events such as SXSW in the USA or LeWeb in Europe. BlogOpen is primarily conceived as a series of events where Bloggers have the opportunity to meet informally, to exchange experiences and ideas and to establish cooperation. Formal tone to these meetings give lectures on blogosphere, the Internet and information technologies, as well as society which is generally affected by the development of IT. Organization of round tables on topics relevant to the blogosphere is also an element of BlogOpen events, as well as the joint action of the wider social significance. Every BlogOpen is followed by a humanitarian action.

In accordance with its name, as well as the principles of the information society, BlogOpen organizational policy is quite liberal in the sense that it is open to ideas, suggestions and cooperation to all those who express desire and willingness to be involved in the organization. BlogOpen is also open for those who want to make contact with people with similar and different ideas, but who have one common thing – they have their blog.

Local significance[edit]

BlogOpen is the first event of its kind in Serbia. It is a non-profit event, with main goal to promote new technologies, blogging and self-expression over the intenet, as well to work on promotion of IT in general.[1] Main part of each event are lectures form mainstream bloggers, journalists, and PR experts.[2][3][4]

Brief history[edit]

  • The first BlogOpen was held in Pančevo, on the May 6, 2007. The venue was the local DeeLite bar.
  • The second BlogOpen was held in Novi Sad on the November 10, 2007 within the Novi Sad Book Fair.
  • The third BlogOpen lasted from October 4 till October 5, 2008, and was held in Bor, Serbia.
  • The fourth BlogOpen was held in Niš on September 4 and 5, 2009 as a part of the Internet Festival. E-tvrđava[5][6][7]
  • The fifth BlogOpen, with SocialOpen 2010 tag line, was held in Novi Sad on October 9 and 10, 2010.

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