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Type of business Private
Type of site
Wiki Blog directory
Available in multilingual
Founded 2008
Headquarters Alhambra, California, United States
Revenue unknown
Employees number unknown
Alexa rank Negative increase 16,125,052 (April 2014)[1]
Registration Optional
Launched February 24, 2008 (9 years ago) (2008-02-24)
Current status inactive[citation needed] is a blog directory that attempts to combine social networking with people's interests in blogging. It employs a method of niche social networking whereby people can connect to each other by their interests rather than their social connections. It attempts to use a method of crowdsourcing to help evaluate the quality of various blogs[citation needed]. Blogged symbolizes a trend of new sites that attempt to connect people with their interests rather than social connections[citation needed]. This type of niche social networking has been employed successfully by sites such as Flixster, Yelp, Last.FM, and Stumbleupon. TechCrunch has recently compared to Yelp for blogs.[2]

Method[edit] focuses on blog discovery and displays expert reviews and ratings on popular blogs thereby providing a basis from which to introduce new blogs to a potential reader. Traditional blog search sites such as Technorati and Google Blog Search offer users a method of searching through individual blog entries or postings, but not the blog website itself. Therefore, it is sometimes difficult to gauge the quality or importance of the search results since the credibility of the website which contains the blog entry may be in question. This method of propagating high-quality blogs via user feedback has been used by websites such as Digg. Digg allows users to vote on the importance of articles and causes those articles which are most popular to rise to the top. This method, commonly called crowdsourcing, is being used by Blogged to utilize user feedback to gauge the importance of various blogs.[citation needed]


As of 2/3/2016 BLOGGED.COM does not resolve to any site and returns a "Not Found" message in the upper right corner.

The last known active date for is July 25, 2011.[3] The site currently redirects to[citation needed]

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