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Blom is a Norwegian family descended from Jan Fredriksen (died 1624), a citizen of Skien.[1][2] His son, parish priest Fredrik Blom (died 1657), Lårdal, adopted the family name Blom. According to playwright Henrik Ibsen, the family was one of the patrician families in Skien.[3] The family is related through marriage to families such as Cappelen, Løvenskiold, Paus and Aall.

The family adopted its coat of arms, featuring a sighthound, in the early 19th century.[4] The coat of arms is loosely based on coats of arms of other families with similar names, not known to be related to this family.

Family members[edit]

Some of the well-known family members include

  • Christopher Fredriksen Blom (died 1735), Lårdal, forest owner
  • Jens Christophersen Blom (1708‑84), married Susanne Paus, a granddaughter of Hans Paus
  • Hans Jensen Blom (died 1808), Skien, son of Jens Christophersen Blom and Susanne Paus, ship's captain, shipowner and timber merchant, married Martha Paus (sister of Ole Paus)
  • Hans Christophersen Blom (died 1814), Skien, merchant and shipowner
  • Andreas Rougtvedt Blom (died 1851), Skien, ship's captain, shipowner, owner of Lagmannsgården in Skien
  • Hans Jensen Blom (died 1875), Tysvær, provost and Member of Parliament
  • Christine Johanne Blom, Skien, married cabinet minister Niels Aall
  • Marie Severine Blom, Skien, married Didrich von Cappelen (died 1828), member of the Eidsvoll assembly in 1814
  • Christopher Hansen Blom (died 1879), Skien, shipowner, timber merchant, owner of Bratsberg gård, married Marie Elisabeth née Cappelen (died 1834)
  • Søren Martinus Blom (died 1874), Brevik, judge
  • Diderik Cappelen Blom (died 1894), Skien, owner of Bratsberg gård
  • Bendix Christian Blom (died 1928), Oslo, provost
  • Dorothea Christine Blom, Oslo, married Harald Løvenskiold (died 1934), Vækerø

The descendants of the family through female lines include

  • Henrik Ibsen (through his grandmother Hedevig Paus' grandmother Martha Christophersdatter Blom)

Some descendants of the family have Blom as a middle name, such as


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