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Blonde Vinyl
Blonde Vinyl Records Logo.svg
Founded 1990 (1990)
Founder Michael Knott
Defunct 1990 (1990)
Distributor(s) Spectra, Diamante Music Group
Genre Christian rock
Country of origin U.S.

Blonde Vinyl was an independent record label founded in 1990 by Michael Knott. The Encyclopedia of Contemporary Christian Music describes the label as "one of Christian music's first true indie labels."[1]


Blonde Vinyl signed bands with styles that were viable in the underground of the general market but rarely found their way into the Christian market[1]—old school punk, garage rock, grunge, gothic, EBM/industrial, synthpop/house, spoken word, acoustic pop.

Blonde Vinyl folded in 1993 when its distributor, Spectra, went bankrupt.[1] After bankruptcy, Knott attempted to resurrect Blonde Vinyl under the name Siren Records.[2] Siren managed two releases before going bankrupt: World Tour by LSU Cash in Chaos and Beautiful Dazzling Music No. 1 by Rainbow Rider (Dance House Children). After the failure of Siren, Knott started the band Aunt Bettys.[3]


Three sub-labels were created to further classify the diverse musical styles that were being released on Blonde Vinyl: Voice of the Youth, SLAVA Music, and Blonde Vinyl Inspirational.

Voice of the Youth was created for the edgier alternative releases on Blonde Vinyl. Six albums were released under this imprint: product # bvcd 3482 (love gift) by Breakfast with Amy, Go, Fluffy, Go! by Fluffy, Screaming Brittle Siren by Michael Knott, The Grape Prophet by L.S. Underground, Plague of Ethyls, and As Blue as the State Allows by Sass o' Frass Tunic.

SLAVA Music existed as an underground industrial music-focused label before joining with Blonde Vinyl for distribution. Three albums were released under this imprint: Digital Priests - the Remixes by Deitiphobia, Revelation 1921 by Wigtop, and the SLAVA compilation.

Blonde Vinyl Inspirational was created for praise and worship music. The only release on this imprint was Quiet Assurance by N Side Out.

Notable artists[edit]


  • Blonde Vinyl Teaser I (BVCD007 - 1991)
  • Blonde Vinyl Teaser II / Food for Thought (BVCD0072 - 1991)
  • SLAVA Compilation - Voice of the People (BVCD3442 - 1992)
  • Radioactive Hits: The Definitive Blonde Vinyl Collection (84418-885-1 - 1993)[5]

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