Blood (Spanish band)

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Origin Alicante, Spain
Genres Industrial metal
Industrial rock
Years active 1999–2013 (hiatus)
Labels Dinamo Records
Goi Music
Rompiendo Records
Visual Sonora
Mutant-e Records
BLC productions
Associated acts Mind Driller
Members Jose Maestre
Mado Beneyto
Javier Oriente

Blood (also sometimes called Blood 'Out, used to be called Capitan Blood) is a Spanish industrial metal band from Alicante, Spain, that was formed in 1999 and still continues today. There have been some remixes of their songs done by other industrial metal artists, including Turmion Kätilöt.

Short biography[edit]

Blood was created in 1999 and released its first album, 0.08 atm, in 2001. Their influences from the very beginning included Oomph!, Rammstein, Paradise Lost, Depeche mode and Tristania. For a while after the release of its first album, Blood had a few changes in the lineup. Finally, in 2004, its second album, Psike, was released. Two years later, the EP G.E.N was released. In 2008, their most recent album, Seppuku was released. In this album the band received collaboration from the keyboardist Skanner, from the band Replica.


Studio albums[edit]


  • G.E.N (2006)

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