Blood Indian Reserve No. 148

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Blood 148
Indian reserve
Blood 148 is located in Alberta
Blood 148
Blood 148
Location of Blood 148
Coordinates: 49°30′N 113°12′W / 49.5°N 113.2°W / 49.5; -113.2Coordinates: 49°30′N 113°12′W / 49.5°N 113.2°W / 49.5; -113.2
Country  Canada
Province  Alberta
 • Chief Charles Weasel Head
 • Governing body Kainai Nation
 • Total 1,413.87 km2 (545.90 sq mi)
Population (2006)[1]
 • Total 4,177
 • Density 3.0/km2 (8/sq mi)
Time zone MST (UTC-7)
Highways Highway 2
Website Kainai Nation

Blood 148 is an Indian reserve in Alberta, Canada. It is inhabited by the Blood (Kainai) First Nations and was established under the provisions of the Treaty 7.[2] This reserve is located in Stand Off along Highway 2 and the Belly River.

At 1,413.87 km2 (545.90 sq mi), this is the largest reserve in Canada, and the second most populous. It is located between the City of Lethbridge and the Town of Cardston, bordering the Municipal District of Willow Creek No. 26 to the northwest, the Lethbridge County to the northeast and Cardston County to the east, south and southwest.


In 2006, Blood 148 had a population of 4,177 living in 1,250 dwellings, an 8.4% increase from 2001. The Indian reserve has a land area of 1,413.87 km2 (545.90 sq mi) and a population density of 3.0/km2 (7.8/sq mi).[1] As of December 2013, Blood 148 had a total registered population of 11,791[3]


Under the British North America Act, legislative authority over Indian reserves is placed exclusively with the national parliament and specifically the Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development. The reserve is governed by a tribal council led by Chief Charles Weasel Head (2004–present).[4][5]

Blood Tribe Councillors (2012–present)[6]

  1. Mike Bruised Head
  2. Dorothy First Rider
  3. Marcel Weasel Head
  4. Lance Tailfeathers
  5. Dexter Bruised Head
  6. Franklyn White Quills
  7. Frank Black Plume
  8. Myron Eagle Speaker
  9. Al Black Water
  10. Billy Wadsworth
  11. Nolan Little Bear
  12. Kyla Crow

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