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Blood Harvest is a 1987 slasher film starring Tiny Tim.[1] It is the one and only feature film he starred in together with Peter Krause in his first feature film role. Made in 1987 and released through Titan International. It had a limited theatrical exposure and is currently being re-released under its original title by Bill Rebane its writer-director on DVD and electronically. It is also the first picture made by Rebane where he departed from the general family audience genre film with more graphic horror and nudity not seen in his previous films.


In the film's opening, Mike and Ryan are seen tied up with a farmhouse. A masked person then enters and kills Mike with a shovel. He accidentally frees Ryan, who escapes out a window. However, Mike's killer then murders Ryan with a shotgun. Some time later, a group of friends head to the same farm to party - Jack, Jack's girlfriend Stacey, Stacey's friends Elaine, Maya and Chrissie, their respective boyfriends Tyler, Mason and Carlos, Jack's friends Gregg and Louis, and Louis's boyfriend Donnie. The group arrives at the farm at night and start the party.

Shortly into the party, the murderer returns and kills Donnie with a reaper. He then moves on to killing Maya and Mason while they are having sex. Later, Elaine and Chrissie try and pressure Stacey into breaking up with Jack. Meanwhile, the killer attacks Tyler outside and runs over his head with a rototiller, killing him. Elaine goes outside to look for him and is abducted. When the party is in full swing, Jack and Stacey finally break up. Jack has sex with Chrissie, while Stacey has sex with Gregg. Louis comes out of the bathroom to discover that the party is empty except for Carlos, and wanders outside to look for Donnie. He then discovers Elaine tied up in the barn. He goes to get help and promises Elaine that he will come back. However, after he leaves, the murderer slaughters him with a hoe.

Carlos walks in on Jack and Chrissie and becomes angry. However, the killer decapitates both him and Jack with an axe. Chrissie fights back and escapes out of the basement, but when she opens the door, she is impaled through the face with a spear and killed. The slaughterer then tries to kill Stacey and Gregg, but the door to the room they are having sex in is locked. He breaks down the door, and Stacey and Gregg are forced to jump out the window to escape. The killer chases them to the barn, where they find the dead bodies of Mike, Ryan, Donnie, Maya, Mason, Carlos, Louis, Tyler, Jack and Chrissie in the barn. The killer is then finally revealed as Elaine. She says that she started murdering because the other popular kids (Maya, Chrissie, etc.) convinced her to adapt the popular lifestyle. However, after she did, she was cheated on by all the men she dated, including Tyler, and was teased relentlessly by the girls.

Stacey and Gregg hide in the barn and are eventually able to hit Elaine with a tractor. Gregg goes to check the body, and Elaine leaps up; however, Stacey slams a machete into Elaine's head, finally killing her. Stacey and Gregg call the police, who take away the bodies. They then resolve to abandon their popularity and be nicer people. The two are then seen walking back into school arm-in-arm as a couple, before the movie ends.


  • Itonia Salchek as Stacey
  • Alexander Jones as Gregg
  • Tiny Tim as Marvelous Mervo
  • Lori Minnetti as Elaine
  • Dean West as Jack
  • Arlene Dexter as Chrissie
  • Peter Krause as Carlos
  • Frank Benson as Louis
  • Albert Jaggard as Tyler
  • William Dexter as Mason
  • Jeanette Belant as Maya
  • Pete Van Ryan as Donnie
  • Harvey Woodward as Ryan
  • Randy Scott as Mike
  • Chris Jahnke as Police Officer
  • Jim Zabella as Police Officer
  • Dave Doyle as Medical Examiner

Critical reception[edit]

Allmovie called it "an obvious stab at a piece of the dwindling slasher market shot on cheap, grainy stock with a small, amateur cast", writing that "those who appreciate Tiny Tim for his astonishing vocal range and vast repertoire of turn-of-the-century Tin Pan Alley songs will feel depressed watching him debase himself", but that "others might find enjoyment in a particularly wretched slasher fiasco that should provide derisive yucks for genre fans."[2]


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