Blood Hill wind farm

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Blood Hill wind farm
Blood Hill Wind Farm.jpg
Blood Hill Wind Turbines
CountryEngland, United Kingdom
LocationNear Hemsby in Norfolk
Coordinates52°42′43″N 1°40′1″E / 52.71194°N 1.66694°E / 52.71194; 1.66694Coordinates: 52°42′43″N 1°40′1″E / 52.71194°N 1.66694°E / 52.71194; 1.66694
Commission dateDecember 1992
Power generation
Units operational10
Make and modelVestas: V27
Nameplate capacity2.25 MW

Blood Hill is a wind farm near Hemsby in Norfolk, England. It is the smallest windfarm owned by E.ON; taking up 3 hectares.[1] It has a nameplate capacity of 2.25MW which is enough to power 1000 homes at peak. There are 10 Vestas V27-225 kW[2] turbines which are 30 metres tall and stand on top of Blood Hill. They are visible from the villages of Hemsby and Winterton-on-Sea. Blood Hill began operating in December 1992 and was one of the first windfarms in the United Kingdom.

In 2000 a much larger 65m 1.5MW Ecotricity turbine was built adjacent to the site.[3]

In 2015 a repowering of the site saw the original 10 turbines replaced with 2 two Turbowind T400 wind turbines.[4]

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