Blood Money (Angel)

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"Blood Money"
Angel episode
Episode no. Season 2
Episode 12
Directed by R.D. Price
Written by Shawn Ryan
Mere Smith
Production code 2ADH12
Original air date January 23, 2001
Guest appearance(s)
Episode chronology
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"Happy Anniversary"
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"Blood Money" is episode 12 of season two in the television show Angel, originally broadcast on the WB network. In this episode, demon snitch Merl reveals Wolfram & Hart is scheming to steal money from contributions made to a shelter for runaways, prompting Angel to investigate the shelter's owner, Anne Steele. Meanwhile, Cordelia, Wesley, and Gunn, still fighting demons on their own, decide to form their own detective/protection agency.


At Cordelia's apartment, Wesley and Gunn play the board game Risk, until Cordelia tries to kick them out so she can sleep. They discuss plans to start their own company without Angel until Cordelia gets a vision about a large two-headed, fire-breathing demon. Angel bumps into a woman who runs a teen center. At the hotel, Angel reveals that he took her wallet and has dozens of pictures of the woman, including shots of her with Lindsey. Wesley and Gunn slowly approach the demon in the sewers and find themselves in over their heads with the 20-foot demon.

Angel confronts Merl in his apartment, demanding information about Anne, the woman running the shelter. She's connected to Wolfram & Hart but despite a couple of name changes in the past the woman herself is clean, so Angel visits the shelter and talks to her. Anne raves about Wolfram & Hart's help with the shelter and the plans for a charity fundraiser named the Highway Robbery Ball to gather money with the help of celebrities. A large demon named Boone confronts Merl for information on Angel and Merl is persuaded to provide that information.

Angel surprises Lilah in her car and expresses his happiness at being able to play the game now that he understands that there aren't any rules. Lilah tells Lindsey how worried she is about Angel, but their discussion is cut short as Boone arrives unannounced, wanting to deal with a grudge against Angel. Boone explains his past with Angel: In 1916, in a skirmish regarding a woman, they fought for hours until sunrise approached; knowing the sun would kill Angel, Boone, who considers himself an honorable warrior, let Angel depart, and he has longed for a rematch ever since, to learn which of them is the better warrior. Wesley and Gunn rave about slaying the demon and despite their incredible fear, they're excited about their victory. The group leaves to look at a prospective location for their new business while arguing over its name.

Angel shows up at the shelter late at night, and Anne jokingly asks if he is stalking her. Angel offers all the evidence necessary to confirm that he is, and then tries to warn her that Wolfram and Hart are going to steal money from the fundraiser. Lindsey arrives and pretends to be protecting Anne, bringing Boone with him to fight with Angel. Lindsey tries to defend the law firm to Anne but the information Angel's provided her worries Lindsey, and he discusses the dangerous possibilities with Lilah.

Wounded from the fight, Angel returns to the shelter and Anne expresses that she is willing to ignore just about anything if it means aid to the shelter. Angel gives her a tape to play at the fundraiser, but Anne refuses to risk the shelter. At the Ball, a video of Holland entertains those at the fundraiser. Lilah introduces Anne to one of her bosses, Mr. Nathan Reed, while Lindsey reviews the security plans for the ball.

While actors collect money and jewelry from the rich attendees, Angel reveals his presence, which leads to a fight between the vampire and Boone on the balcony, and they eventually fall to the main floor. Lindsey searches for the incriminating tape, but it is revealed that Angel is not in possession of the tape and Boone is actually working with him. Anne plays the tape before Lindsey and Lilah can stop her, but it contains only clips of Cordelia and Wesley acting goofy for the camera, so its apparent that Angel never had anything to incriminate the lawyers in the first place. To add even more embarrassment to the situation for Wolfram & Hart, Boone has taken off with the donations.

The next day Lindsey confronts Mr. Reed about not being able to kill Angel, and Mr. Reed explains that Angel is an important figure in the upcoming apocalypse, but because his role, i.e. whether he will fight for good or evil, is unclear, he must remain untouched as long as there is a chance W&H can win him to the side of evil, which has been their overall goal from the start; thus, while Angel is irreplaceable, Lindsey and Lilah are not. Boone confronts Angel at the hotel, offering up the 2.5 million dollars in charity donations as the stakes for a fight between the two of them. Again wounded from battle with Boone (it is unclear if Angel, who clearly won the fight, killed Boone or not), Angel presents the money and jewelry to Anne for the shelter, who is undisturbed by the real and metaphorical blood on the money.



  • The character of "Anne" was first introduced as the vampire worshiper "Chantarelle" in the Buffy episode "Lie to Me". She was next seen in "Anne" going by the name "Lily", but at the end of that episode she asks Buffy if she can adopt her alias of "Anne". Anne's twice over name change is mentioned by Merl in this episode.
  • Although they met briefly in "Lie to Me", Angel and Anne apparently don't recognize each other from that episode. Writer Mere Smith says this was a conscious decision, as she "had trouble remembering people she'd met three days ago, let alone three years."[1]
  • An attendee of the charity ball asks one of the television celebrities about "making (her) character gay" - a probable inside joke about Willow Rosenberg, who came out in the previous year's season of Buffy.


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