Blood Money (video game)

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Blood Money
Blood Money Coverart.png
Box art, designed by Peter Andrew Jones
Developer(s) DMA Design
Publisher(s) Psygnosis
Composer(s) Ray Norrish
Matt Furniss Mega Drive (Unreleased)
Platform(s) Amiga, Commodore 64, Atari ST, PC (MS-DOS)
Release date(s) 6 January 1989
Genre(s) Sci-Fi Scrolling shooter
Mode(s) Single player

Blood Money is a scrolling shooter game developed by DMA Design for the Amiga, Commodore 64, Atari ST and IBM PC compatibles (MS-DOS). It was released on 6 January 1989 and published by Psygnosis.


The game consists of four levels, each being a planet with a unique environment and a wide variety of unique enemies. The player uses a different type of attack craft on each level. There is a metal world (via helicopter), an ocean world (via submarine), an ice world (via spacesuit), and a fire world (via jet fighter). The player can only select one of the first two worlds to start with, but after they have completed a level, they can play on any of the three remaining planets in any order. At the end of each world, the player ultimately meets a boss. The player can upgrade their attack craft with Power-ups such as support missiles and neutron bombs by destroying enemies for their coins and then visiting one of the many shops scattered across each world.

The game has received praise for its music, which was composed by Ray Norrish, and for the technically advanced introduction sequence that came with the Amiga version: The first 880KB floppy disk of the 2-disk set was completely devoted to an introduction sequence featuring animation and dance music.