Blood Thirst

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Blood Thirst
Blood Thirst FilmPoster.jpeg
DVD poster
Directed by Newt Arnold
Produced by Newt Arnold
Written by N.I.P. Dennis
Starring Yvonne Nielson
Robert Winston
Judy Dennis
Release date
Country U.S. / Philippines
Language English

Blood Thirst, also known as Blood Seekers and The Horror from Beyond, is a black-and-white horror film directed by Newt Arnold and shot in the Philippines. It tells of an American detective investigating a series of vampiric murders linked to a Manila nightclub. Blood Thirst was filmed in 1965 but not released in the USA until 1971, where it mostly played the grindhouse circuit.


The film's plot, scripted by N.I.P. Dennis in his only listed film credit, is frequently nonsensical, involving a South American belly dancer, played by Yvonne Nielson, who has uncovered an ancient Aztec secret for eternal life, involving regular blood transfusions. To this end, she has enlisted the aid of a Filipino club owner whose visage turns monstrous when he is stalking his prey.


The film starred Robert Winston as detective Adam Rourke.

  • Katherine Heryk as Sylvia Ramos
  • Yvonne Nielson as Serena
  • Vic Diaz as Miguel
  • John Soberano as Soberano
  • Bruno Punzalan as Moreno
  • Judy Dennis as Theresa
  • Max Roio as Max

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