Blood Trails

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Blood Trails
Theatrical poster
Directed by Robert Krause
Produced by Oliver Simon
Written by Robert Krause
Florian Puchert
Story by Kai Schneppel
Robert Krause
Starring Ben Price
Tom Frederic
Rebecca Palmer
Music by Ben Bartlett
Cinematography Ralf Noack
Edited by Richard Krause
Wolfgang Böhm
K5 Film
Abnormal Pictures
Distributed by Lions Gate Entertainment
Release dates
Running time
87 minutes
Country Austria
Language English

Blood Trails is a 2006 horror film written and directed by Robert Krause, and co-written by Florian Puchert.


In an attempt to rekindle their relationship, bicycle messenger Anne and her boyfriend Michael go on a mountain biking holiday, trespassing on a closed trail. There, Anne admits to Michael that she slept with (and was possibly raped) by a police officer named Chris. After Anne's confession, Chris (who has been stalking Anne since their night together) slits Michael's throat with his bicycle, and goes after Anne, telling a dying Michael that "she belongs to me".

A park ranger discovers Anne and tries to help her, but Chris finds the two, and disembowels the ranger, forcing Anne to continue trying to escape on her bicycle. Anne seeks aid from two lumberjacks she comes across, but Chris appears, murders the two men with their own tools, captures Anne, and takes her to the cabin she and Michael had intended to stay at. Chris reveals he is a serial killer of women, and says that he let Anne go on the night they met because he admired her tenacity. As Chris tortures Anne and waxes philosophically, two patrolmen pull up to the cabin. While Chris is out killing the two officers, Anne frees herself from her bonds, overpowers Chris when he returns, and stabs him in the throat with a piece of glass.


  • Rebecca Palmer as Melanie Anne Phillips
  • Ben Price as Chris
  • Tom Frederic as Michael
  • J.J. Straub as Ranger
  • Kurt Rauscher as Forest Worker 1
  • Johann Daiminger as Forest Worker 2
  • Christian Heiner Wolf as Policeman 1
  • Maximilian Boxrucker as Policeman 2


A one and a half star out of five was awarded by Hysteria Lives!, which said that Blood Trails suffered from "A paper thin plot, uninvolving characters, epileptic camerwork, a migraine enducing soundtrack, a surprise free 'climax' and a vein of head-slapping stupidity the size of the Grand Canyon".[1] DVD Talk gave the film two stars out of five, and stated it was "an egregiously anemic affair" and "fails on nearly every count".[2]

DVD Verdict responded positively to the film, writing "I was pleasantly surprised by this effective little suspense thriller. You can number the cast on one hand and the plot is as simple as it gets, but director Robert Krause has forged a well-executed, lean, mean stalker that is bolstered by strong performances and a jet-like pacing and some beautiful photography".[3]


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