Blood Warrior

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Blood Warrior
European arcade flyer of Blood Warrior.
European arcade flyer of Blood Warrior.
Developer(s) Atop
Publisher(s) Kaneko
Composer(s) Tatsuya Watanabe
Platform(s) Arcade
Release 1993
Genre(s) Fighting game
Mode(s) Single player, 2-player
Arcade system Kaneko AX System
CPU 68000 (@ 16 MHz)
Sound Sound Chips : 2× OKI6295 (@ 12 kHz)
Display Horizontal, Raster, 320 × 240 pixels, 32768 colors

Blood Warrior, known in Japan as Ooedo Fight (大江戸ファイト Ooedo Faito?), is a 1993 fighting arcade game developed by Atop and published by Kaneko. It is the successor to the 1992 fighting arcade game, Shogun Warriors, also developed by Atop and published by Kaneko. Unlike Shogun Warriors, Blood Warrior uses digitized images of real actors within the game instead of traditionally drawn sprites, and is clearly inspired by and similar to Midway's Mortal Kombat franchise when it comes to both presentation and violence.


Screenshot of Blood Warrior

The gameplay of Blood Warrior is quite similar to many of the 2D fighting games of the same era. However, Kaneko seem to have taken much of their inspiration from the Mortal Kombat franchise in terms of over the top gore and violence; however, Blood Warrior's predecessor Shogun Warriors predates Mortal Kombat in featuring blood, while Barbarian: The Ultimate Warrior predates Mortal Kombat in featuring death moves.


There are nine playable characters, and two bosses. Like its predecessor, the Japanese version contains original voice samples, while the North American and Worldwide versions were dubbed in English for some characters.

  • Kinshirō (金四郎?) - The protagonist of the game, based on Samurai from Shogun Warriors.
  • Arashi (嵐 ("storm")?) - Based on Ninja from Shogun Warriors.
  • Ikkyu (一休?) - A ksitigarbha.
  • Kasumi (霞 ("haze")?) - A kunoichi.
  • Sanpei (三平?) - A kappa.
  • Syogethu (秀月?), also known as Shigerutsuki - Resembles Shogun from Shogun Warriors, but his actual occupation is a samurai.
  • Shishimaru (獅子丸 ("Lion's pill")?) - Based on Kabuki from Shogun Warriors.
  • Benkei (弁慶 ("strong man")?) - Based on Saitō Musashibō Benkei, but has a different look compared to himself in Shogun Warriors.
  • Goemon (五右衛門?) - Based on Ishikawa Goemon.

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