Blood World

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Blood World
Blood world cover.jpg
Studio album by Mortification
Released 1994
Recorded 1994
Studio Saint Andrew's Studios, Melbourne, Australia
Genre Thrash metal, groove metal[1]
Length 44:48
Label Nuclear Blast, Intense
Producer Marc McGormack, Mortification
Mortification chronology
Live Planetarium
Blood World
Primitive Rhythm Machine

Blood World is the fourth studio album by Christian metal band Mortification, released in 1994. It was a commercial hit and the band's most successful album.[2]

The album focuses more on thrash metal, with hardcore punk, groove metal, and classic metal influences, and contains less death metal influences than past albums. Instead of the Steve Rowe's growls, the album mainly contains his shouting style singing, but the growls do make occasional appearances.

According to Australian Music Online, "the strange combination of extreme styles began setting Mortification apart from the crowd of same sounding bands and widened the band's audience as they became quickly recognised as innovators and not imitators."[3] Blood World received rave reviews in America and Europe. Horror Infernal Magazine gave the album 13 out of 13 points.[3]

Track listing[edit]

All songs written by Mortification

  1. "Clan of the Light" - 4:20
  2. "Blood World" - 4:13
  3. "Starlight" - 4:50
  4. "Your Life" - 4:15
  5. "Monks of the High Lord" - 6:16
  6. "Symbiosis" - 7:11
  7. "Love Song" - 4:03
  8. "Live by the Sword" - 3:24
  9. "J.G.S.H." - 0:30
  10. "Dark Allusions" - 5:45
  • "Symbiosis" was originally recorded on the band's prior live release, Live Planetarium.



  • Steve Rowe - bass guitar, vocals
  • Michael Carlisle - guitar
  • Phil Gibson - drums


  • Marc McGormack - producer
  • Mortification - producer


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