Blood for a Silver Dollar

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Un dollaro bucato
Un dollaro bucato.jpg
Italian film poster
Directed by Calvin Jakson Padget
Produced by Bruno Turchetto
Screenplay by George Finley
Calvin Jakson Padget
Story by George Finley
Starring Montgomery Wood
Evelyn Stewart
Peter Cross
John Mac Douglas
Frank Farrell
Music by Gianni Ferrio
Cinematography Antonio Secchi
(as Tony Dry)
Edited by Antonietta Zita
(as Rosemary Ware)
Fono Roma
Dorica Film
Explorer Film '58
Les Films Corona
Distributed by Euro International Film
Release date
8 August 1965
Running time
98 minutes
Country Italy
Language Italian

Blood for a Silver Dollar (Italian: Un dollaro bucato), also known as One Silver Dollar, is a 1965 Italian-French Spaghetti Western film, directed by Giorgio Ferroni and starring Giuliano Gemma.[1]

Upon release in the United States, nearly all of the cast members and production team had their names changed for the English audience.[2] In France the film is known as Le Dollar troué. Gemma was billed as Montgomery Wood as with many of his others. The title song had a successful cover version by Nini Rosso.

The original title music, composed by Gianni Ferrio, was used in Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds soundtrack.[citation needed] Some of Ferrio's remaining themes are also featured in the videogame Red Dead Revolver.[citation needed]


Scene from Blood for a Silver Dollar.

Giuliano Gemma plays a Confederate soldier who returns from the war to fight one at home. Prior to his release from the Prisoner of War camp his pistol has its barrel sawn off.

He is informed of a new gangster in town named "Black Jack" who has wreaked havoc in the community. Gemma agrees to kill the man, only to discover too late that the outlaw is actually his brother, which his employers had known all along. With vengeance he turns on his employers, who then shoot him.




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