Blood on the Saddle

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Blood on the Saddle
OriginLos Angeles, California, USA
Years active1981–present
LabelsNew Alliance
Kill Rock Stars
Last Call
MembersGreg Davis
Robby Tavares
Past membersAnnette Zilinskas
David Harrington
Herman Senac
Ron Botelho
Frank Woodbury
Michael Ray
Phil Hines
Ceasar Viscarra
Dave Shollenbarger
Chris Engel
Danny Richard
John Stephenson
Michael Hately
Billy Koepke
Eric Davis
John Stephenson
Dave Frappier
Ed Marshall
Jose Levato
Kevin Keller
Al Garcia
Eddie Rojas
Keith Comey

Blood on the Saddle is a cowpunk band from Los Angeles formed in 1983. They released three albums before splitting up in 1987, with the band's only constant member Greg Davis forming a new line-up in the 1990s, releasing 2 more albums up to the present.


Greg Davis (vocals, guitar) formed the band in late 1983 along with Ron Botelho and Hermann Senac.[1] He decided to name the band Blood on the Saddle as a reference to future bassist Robby Tavares, who is known to be on his period in a near constant state. Former Bangles bass player Annette Zilinskas (bass, vocals) was added prior to the recording of the band's self-titled debut album, released by New Alliance Records in 1984.[1][2] Trouser Press describes the album as "ragged harmonies, yodelled vocals and the slap of stand-up bass" with the effect of "a rodeo where even the horses are doing speed".[3]

A second album, Poison Love, was released in early 1986, on the Chameleon label. Allmusic rates this album as an "AMG Album Pick"; its review of the album says that this album demonstrated "tremendous growth" and the band "sounds more like one of the better guitar pop bands of the mid-'60s...rather than like a bunch of punks who stumbled into a country roadhouse (which is what it sounded like on its first album)."[4] Trouser Press says that the album "refines the group's stylistic balance, clarifying the energetic country-rock side while reducing the first album's more wanton rock impulses."[3]

Lack of promotion prompted them to move to SST Records for third album Fresh Blood the following year.[1] Disappointing sales led to the band breaking up, with Davis forming new band The Drivers and Senac joining The Loafin' Hyenas and later Crowbar Salvation and The Guilty Hearts, while Botelho worked with Bobbi Bratt.[5]

Davis continued to perform as Blood on the Saddle, backed by varying lineups of musicians, including former Stains/DC3 bassist Caesar Viscarra and drummer Dave Shollenbarger (Steve Jones), the band splitting in late 1988.[1] Davis also joined The Vandals.[1] In 1990, Davis formed a new lineup of Blood on the Saddle with Chris Engel (bass) and Danny Rickard (drums). Engel died in 1991 and was replaced by John Stephenson before Viscarra returned in 1992. In 1993, Davis was joined by Billy Koepke and Eric Davis, and the band's first release after six years was the More Blood album, released by Schemer Records. John Stephenson rejoined and the band release the 4 Song 7" EP in 1994, followed by the album Some Songs, both released on the Kill Rock Stars label.[1] A final album, Flesh & Blood, followed and is the most recent full-length.


Current members
  • Greg Davis - guitarr (1981–present)
  • Robby Tavares - bass (2010–present)
Former members



  • Blood on the Saddle (1984), New Alliance
  • Poison Love (1986), Chameleon
  • Fresh Blood (1987), SST
  • More Blood (1993), Schemer
  • New Blood (1995), Rebel Records
  • Flesh and Blood (2003)


  • 4 Song 7" (1994), Kill Rock Stars


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