Bloodbath over Bloodstock

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Bloodbath over Bloodstock
Bloodbath Over Bloodstock.jpg
Video by Bloodbath
Released April 25, 2011 (2011-04-25)
Recorded August 2010
Genre Death metal
Length 68:04
Label Peaceville
Producer The Dark Box
Bloodbath chronology
The Fathomless Mastery
(2008)The Fathomless Mastery2008
Bloodbath over Bloodstock
Grand Morbid Funeral
(2014)Grand Morbid Funeral2014

Bloodbath over Bloodstock is a live DVD by Swedish death metal band Bloodbath.[1] It features the entire live set the band played at Bloodstock Open Air in August 2010.[2] It was filmed by the production company The Dark Box.[2] It was released on April 25, 2011,[3] by Peaceville Records.[2] This is the final release with Mikael Åkerfeldt in the band as he quit in 2012.

Track listing[edit]

Bloodstock (August 2010)
No. Title Album Length
1. "Ways to the Grave" Resurrection Through Carnage 3:28
2. "Soul Evisceration" Nightmares Made Flesh 3:36
3. "Process of Disillumination" The Fathomless Mastery 3:08
4. "Iesous" The Fathomless Mastery 3:31
5. "Breeding Death" Breeding Death 4:29
6. "Mouth of Empty Praise" Unblessing the Purity 3:29
7. "Mass Strangulation" Resurrection Through Carnage 3:34
8. "Cancer of the Soul" Nightmares Made Flesh 3:23
9. "Mock the Cross" The Fathomless Mastery 3:01
10. "Like Fire" Resurrection Through Carnage 4:24
11. "Outnumbering the Day" Nightmares Made Flesh 3:17
12. "Eaten" Nightmares Made Flesh 4:10
Music video
No. Title Album Length
13. "Hades Rising" The Fathomless Mastery 5:18
Party.San Open Air (2008)
No. Title Album Length
14. "Blasting the Virginborn" Unblessing the Purity 3:26
15. "Bathe in Blood" Resurrection Through Carnage 4:11
16. "Weak Aside" Unblessing the Purity 3:43
17. "So You Die" Resurrection Through Carnage 3:17
18. "Cry My Name" Resurrection Through Carnage 4:39
Other material
No. Title Length
19. "The Interview" (Recorded in Stockholm, Sweden)  


The DVD placed No. 3 in Finland and No. 9 in Sweden on the "Music DVD" chart.[1]



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