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Directed byAlbert Pyun
Produced byRick Blumenthal
Albert Pyun
Written byK. Hannah
StarringThom Mathews
Vincent Klyn
Michel Qissi
Benny "The Jet" Urquidez
Hope Marie Carlton
Marianne Taylor
Jason Brooks
Peter Cunningham
Music byPaul Edwards
Anthony Riparetti
CinematographyGeorge Mooradian
Edited byPaul O'Bryan
Distributed byHome Box Office (HBO) (1992) (USA) (video)
Release date
May, 1991 - Cannes Film Market (France)
August 21, 1991 - Video Release (USA)
December 6, 1991 - Europe premiere (Turkey)
Running time
86 mins
CountryUnited States

Bloodmatch (1991) is a martial-arts film directed by Albert Pyun and starring Thom Mathews, Hope Marie Carlton, Marianne Taylor, Vincent Klyn, Michel Qissi, and Benny "The Jet" Urquidez.


The film opens with a man chasing another man. The chaser is Brick Bardo, who is investigating the death of his brother. He catches up to Davey, whose attempt to fight him, results in Davey getting knocked out and being tied up to the ground in the boiling sun. Brick interrogates Davey through torturous methods and tells him that Davey was given evidence that Brick's brother was involved in a kickboxing fight fixing ring, which resulted in his exile and eventual murder. Brick demands the name of the four people who gave Davey the evidence as they are responsible for his death. Davey names Brent Caldwell, Mike Johnson, Billy Munoz, and Connie Angel.

Brick has a partner in Max, a woman who seduces Brent, now a middleweight champion, and after a session of lovemaking, pulls a gun on him knocks him out with ether. Brick calls Billy, a former kickboxing legend who is now working as a janitor. Brick tells Billy he has kidnapped his daughter to meet him in Las Vegas if he wants to see his daughter again. Mike, a former heavyweight champion, is on the run from three hoodlums. Mike attempts to fight them off, but the numbers game is too much. Max arrives and rescues Mike from the thugs and offers to take him to Las Vegas. Connie is a successful businesswoman for the World Martial Arts Council who has been seeing another man behind her estranged husband's back and is only looking to get away from the council as a rich woman after the impending divorce. Brick shows up and beats up Connie's lover and confronts her. She attempts to fight him but fails with Brick knocking her out.

At an abandoned arena in Las Vegas, Brent, Billy, Mike, and Connie are all tied up in front of a ring. Max wakes up the four and all four are shocked to learn about each other. They wonder why they are tied up and attempt to get loose. Connie remembers Wood Wilson, an old boyfriend who she defeated in a male vs female kickboxing match, and is revealed to be Brick's brother. The four were asked to testify against Wood for fight fixing but they all were cancelled with Brent vehemently denying that he was ever involved in anything involving Wood. Billy nearly goes free, but Brick is able to stop him before escaping. Brick enters the ring and lets them in on what is happening. A recorded conversation reveals that Jack, a sports commissioner, was involved in fight fixing and he had a friend who was involved in the ring. Brick killed Jack and makes a comment about Jack's partner Sam having a friend who set up Wood Wilson, leading to his death. Brick intends to use the ring as his interrogation place, fighting each of the four until he gets answers.

Mike is the first one to face Brick's interrogation. Brick makes the stipulations. If Mike wins, everyone goes free, but if Brick wins, Mike dies and the rest will continue to be interrogated. Brick promises Max will not pull a double cross. Brick confronts Mike about his part in the evidence against Wood after hearsay towards some friends, who in turn, went to the one responsible for killing Wood. Mike attempts to fight hard, but Brick fights harder, and just when Mike is about to die, Billy stops him and offers to talk. Billy heads to the ring and demands to see his daughter. Brick gives Billy the news that his daughter has died. In a rage, Billy begins to fight Brick. At first getting the upper hand, Billy lets his emotions get the best of him and Brick, taking full advantage, telling Brick that he knows of his involvement because of his career coming to an end and a divorce that left him alone to raise his kids. Brick tells Billy if he tells him who set Wood up, he will protect his son's life. Billy says he only received a letter but no name and Brick promises to kill Billy's son. Brick proceeds to break Billy's back, killing him.

Brent is third in line for interrogation. As he makes his way to the ring, he attempts to pull a knife on Max, but has the gun pointed to him again. Brent enters the ring and Brick begins his interrogation, accusing Brent as the fight fixer. Brent once again denies it and promises not to say anything. Brick accuses Brent of being heartless not caring about anyone but himself and his career. Brick accuses Brent of getting his title and when someone threatened to stop him, he would go after them. He flat out accuses Brent of being the one responsible for Wood's exile and eventual murder. Connie, still tied up, deciphers that Brent is the one who killed Wood Wilson. As Brick fights Brent, a barely breathing Mike crawls towards Connie and hands her the knife Brent had earlier. In the ring, an enraged Brick tells Brent, who is begging for his life that Wood didn't beg for his life. When Brent asks how he knew, Brick confesses he was there and kills Brent, telling him he didn't beg him.

When Max goes to retrieve Connie, Connie frees herself and throws the knife at Max, killing her. Brick finally reveals to Connie the whole truth. Brick is actually Wood Wilson. Connie doesn't believe it, but Brick confesses it all. He never had died and changed his face after Brent had viciously beaten him five years ago. While Brick is relieved that he killed his "murderer", he still finds Connie guilty for her actions in the fight fixing scheme. Connie admits she was the mastermind behind the scheme so that she can make enough money and she and Wood could escape together because she felt Wood was being held back. Wood believed in honor and wasn't going along with it, only having a care about making money. Connie admits she was wrong for choosing money over her love for Wood. Asking how to make it right, Brick/Wood tells Connie they have to fight and admits he never killed Billy's daughter, but has her hidden. If Connie wins, he will release Billy's daughter. Brick and Connie fight with Connie getting the upper hand and finally defeating Brick/Wood once again after Brick attempts to overpower her and seduce her again as a trick. A kick to the chest on a down Brick kills him.

The next day, Connie is sitting in her office, awaiting to see Billy's kids. She promises to take care of them.



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