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Bloods & Crips
Banging on Wax.jpg
Background information
Also known as Bloods And Crips, Crips & Bloods, Bloods & Crips
Origin Los Angeles, California
 United States
Genres Gangsta rap, G-funk, West Coast hip hop
Years active 1993–1999
Labels Warlock Records (U.S.)
Dangerous Records (U.S.)
Associated acts Tweedy Bird Loc, RedRum 781, Ronnie Ron, Young Soldierz, DJ Battlecat
Members Damu Ridas (Bloods)
Nationwide Rip Ridaz (Crips)


The success of N.W.A. had frustrated many in the gang community, who saw the group capitalizing on the gang lifestyle. The Bloods & Crips project was originally organized by rappers O.Y.G redruM781 and Tweedy Bird Loc.[1] Actual gang members, Crips from Compton, Watts and Long Beach, Bloods from Inglewood and Los Angeles auditioned for the group and the best ones were chosen for the album.[2] In 1993 the Bloods & Crips released their debut album entitled "Bangin' on Wax" for Warlock Records. One year later, the group's second and final studio album, "Bangin' on Wax 2... The Saga Continues" was released. After Bangin' on Wax 2, the Bloods & Crips parted ways, with the Bloods becoming the Damu Ridas and the Crips became the Nationwide Rip Ridaz. The Bloods and Crips members, from the albums were frauded out because of music royalties by Russ Regan and his wife and Adam Levy, soon Morris Levy and lawyer Steven Lowy gave the record deal to Ronnie Ron.

The idea behind the albums was to get the gang members to bang (slang for fight) on wax (i.e., record) and not in the streets. Each record consisted of a 'B' side and a 'C' side. The 'B' side consisted of Bloods and the 'C' side consisted of Crips. The songs "Bangin On Wax", "G's & Loc's" and "I Wish You Were Here" were the only songs where the Bloods & Crips rapped together in the original albums. Most of the songs were written and recorded in the same studio session. The producer, Ronnie Ron, died after a heart attack in 2003. Tweedy Bird Loc was the last person to have a close connection with Ron, he is currently working on the next Bloods & Crips album, which it's expected to be released soon directly from him.

1993: Bangin' on Wax[edit]

"Bangin' on Wax" was the first album by Bloods & Crips. The album was released in 1993 for Dangerous Records. Bangin' on Wax was a success, making it to #86 on the Billboard 200.[3] Four singles were released "Bangin' on Wax", "Piru Love", "Crip, Crip, Crip" and "Steady Dippin'". The album has sold over 500,000 copies, reaching Gold status. Music videos were made for "Bangin' on Wax", "Piru Love" and "Steady Dippin"'.


On the single "Piru Love", only a Crip sang the hook, it was Fo' Clips Eclipse. The next single, "Steady Dippin'", that was performed by Crips members Do Or Die (aka A-Love), Miss C-Note (aka Dannygirl), Sin Loc and Blue Ragg (aka The General), they emerged a group called the Underworld Connection (UWC). The Underworld Connection was formed in the early 1990s but was put on hold to do projects like Tweedy Bird Loc's "187 Ride By" and the controversial album "Bangin' On Wax". It was the first time since the 1990s the group has reconnected in the late 2000s. Also DJ Battlecat made a guest appearance in the Steady Dippin' music video as the event's DJ for the intro, the song was produced by him, along with QLuso and Ronnie Ron.[4]

1994: Bangin' on Wax 2... The Saga Continues[edit]

"Bangin' on Wax 2... The Saga Continues" was the second and last album by the Bloods & Crips. Music videos were made for the album singles "G's & Locs" and "Wish You Were Here". The album was recorded and released in 1994 for Dangerous Records, the album made it to #139 on the Billboard 200 and #20 for Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums.[5]

Feud with Lil' Keke Loco[edit]

At the height of their success, the Bloods & Crips became a target for Lil' Keke Loco of the Rollin' 30s Harlem Crips and Niggaz Off The Streets (N.O.T.S.), another gangsta rap group. Keke Loco even dedicated a diss track called "Bustas' on Wax", which was a slander to the original album "Bangin On Wax" and took numerous shots at members of the Bloods & Crips including Bloody Mary, redruM 781, AWOL, Big Wy, Sin Loc, and many more. Criticizing them for collaborating with rival street gangs, Keke Loco considers the members from "Bangin' on Wax", a disgrace to all real Bloods and Crips. "Its disrespectful to all the fallen gang members who lost they life over colors, it’s like spitting on their graves", Loco said.

Lil' Leak, known as CK, was one of the main rappers from the Bloods & Crips, who retaliated back with several verbal insult's of his own. Lil' Leak and Damu Ridas also dedicated a whole verse on a song called "CK Ride" and "True Flue Killer" to insulting Keke Loco and his fellow N.O.T.S. (True Blue).

"I saw you wearing your dirty clothes to match your dirty hood.."

Lil' Leak's verse on "CK Ride". Full lyrics of Damu Ridas cover at Rap Genius

The "Dirty" is a derogatory term, and a reference to the Rollin 30′s Harlem Crips. Shortly after the album "Bangin' on Wax 2... The Saga Continues" was released, the Damu Ridas members from the album ran across Lil Keke Loco and buried the feud.[6][7]


Crips Bloods
Nationwide Rip Ridaz Damu Rida's
Nationwide Rip Ridaz Damu Ridas


Kelly Park Compton Crips Notes
Tweedy Bird Loc Tweedy (aka BK) is alive and has released two solo albums.
Fo' Clips Eclipse Fo' Clips is deceased, he has released a solo album, later he was shot and killed in front of his home the day his album went out.
AWOL AWOL is deceased, he was choked and killed by the police after he swallowed something police considered a clue.
Crip Inch Crip Inch is alive.
Troll Loc Troll Loc is alive.
K-Tone K-Tone's status unknown.
PlayBoy Hustler Crips Notes
Trouble Loc Trouble Loc's Status unkown
Atlantic Drive Compton Crips Notes
G-Bone G-Bone (aka G-BIZO, Grown Folk) is alive, he has released a book and several music projects as a writer and musician.[8]
B.G. Scarface B.G. Scarface is deceased, he has committed suicide in 2012.
Rider-J Rider-J's (aka Big Bun) status is unknown.
Neighborhood Compton Crips Notes
Do or Die Do or Die (aka A-Love) is alive.
Sin Loc Sin Loc (aka Hittman D, O.G. Sin Loc) is alive and he has released two solo albums.
Att Will Att Will is alive and he has released a solo album.
Watts Franklin Square Crips Notes
Big Freeze Big Freeze is deceased, he was shot and killed in a restaurant.
Ice "Lil' Star" Onion Ice Onion is alive and is working on her pipe fitting career.
Six Pac Six Pac (aka Cixx Pac) is alive.
Keystone Keystone is alive.
Koolay Koolay is alive.
Baby Half Dead Baby Half Dead is alive.
Half Dead Half Dead is deceased.
Mac-11 Mac-11 is deceased.
Teroma Teroma's status is unknown.
Sinbad The Slayer Sinbad The Slayer's status is unknown.
Fudgetown Mafia Crips Notes
Broncoe Broncoe is alive.
Rollin 20's Long Beach Crips Notes
Domino Domino (aka Genuine Draft) is alive and has released four solo albums.
GDogg GDogg is alive and well and has even made an active online forum community for Crips.
C-Note C-Note (aka Miss C-Note, Dannygyrl) is alive and active rapper.
Long Beach Insane Crips Notes
Duv Mac Duv Mac (aka O.G. Duv Mac) is alive and has released several projects.
Avalon Gangsta Crips Notes
Twin Loc Twin Loc (aka O.G. Cell-E-Cell) is alive and known under rap moniker "G-Cell", plus he has released a solo album.
Rollin 60's Neighborhood Crips Notes
C-Rider C-Rider is alive B.K.A. DJ Battlecat


Avenue Piru Gang Notes
O.Y.G Redrum 781 O.Y.G Redrum 781 is alive and he has released an album and several mixtape(s).
Lil' Leak Lil' Leak (aka CK) is alive, he is the younger brother of Redrum 781.
Bloody Mary Bloody Mary (aka Nini X) is deceased. She has released two solo albums, she died in a motorcycle accident in 2006.
Bounty Hunter Bloods Notes
Lil' Stretch Lil' Stretch is alive and he owns a motorcycle store.
Yank Yank's (aka Gangsta Yank) status is unknown.
Crenshaw Mafia Gangster Bloods Notes
Big Wy Big Wy (aka Red Rag) is alive, he has released an album with the group Young Soldierz. Plus, he founded Cali Swag District.
Lil' Hawk Lil' Hawk (aka Red Ridin Hood) is alive, currently he's serving a 25 to life sentence and has an upcoming album.
Spyder Spyder (aka SP) is deceased. He was another respected member of the 104th Street CMG. He was killed by a gang in 2000.
Pimp D Pimp D is alive. Pimp D and Tip Toe had a similar voice, but they are not the same person.
Tip Toe Tip Toe is deceased, he was a respected member of the 104th Street CMG. He was killed by a Piru gang, the Neighborhood Pirus.
Big Mad Eye Big Mad Eye (aka O.G. Mad Eye) is deceased. He was one of the oldest Damu Ridas and was a respected O.G. of the Crenshaw Mafia Gang.
cK-Let cK-Let (aka Dosia B) is alive.
Baby Hawk Baby Hawk is deceased, he was the younger brother of Big Hawk and Lil' Hawk.
K-Low K-Low's status is unknown.
Lil' Mad Eye Lil' Mad Eye is deceased, he was the younger brother of Big Mad Eye.
Big Hawk Big Hawk is deceased, the older brother of Lil' Hawk and Baby Hawk.
T-Kayduse T-Kayduse's status is unknown.
Lil' G-Bone Lil' G-Bone's status is unknown, he is the little childhood friend of G-Bone (of Crips).
Inglewood Family Gangsta Bloods Notes
Dock-B Dock-B is alive.
Green Eyez Green Eyez died May 11, 2015
L.A. Denver Lane Gangster Bloods Notes
B-Brazy B-Brazy is deceased, he was set up and killed by a Mexican gang. His case is still unsolved.[9]
Lil' Laniak 2 Lil' Laniak 2 is deceased, he was shot and killed by a Piru gang, the Campanella Park Pirus.
Peanut 2 Peanut 2 is deceased, he has been killed by a gang. His brother O.G Peanut has also been killed.
Eightball Eightball (aka 8-Ball) is alive.
June Dawg June Dawg is alive and active rapper.
Mr. Dulo Mr. Dulo's status is unknown.
G-Len G-Len (aka O.G. Len) is alive, he has released a solo album.
Mad Swans Bloods Notes
Batman Batman (aka Evil Bat) is alive, he's currently spending time in prison.
Weirdos Gangster Bloods Notes
Dogg Dogg (aka Suga Buga) is alive.
Pops Pops is alive.
Blood Stone Villains Notes
Geek Geek's status is unknown. Along with DJ Noise, the two helped produced albums for the artists on Dangerous Records.
Noise Noise's status is unknown, Along with Captain Geek, the two helped produced albums for the artists on Dangerous Records.
Gangsta Red Gangsta Red's status is unknown.

Filmography and documentaries[edit]

  • 2006: Rep Yo Set: The Movie[10]


Music videos[edit]

Year Artist Video
1993 Bloods & Crips "Bangin' On Wax"
Bloods & Crips "Steady Dippin'"
Bloods & Crips "Piru Love"
1994 Bloods & Crips "G's & Loc's"
Bloods & Crips "Wish You Were Here"
1995 Damu Rida's "Damu Ride"
Nationwide RIP Ridaz "Nationwide"

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