Bloodshed (album)

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Krisiun - Bloodshed.jpg
Studio album by Krisiun
Released October 18, 2004 (2004-10-18)
Recorded 1993–2004
Genre Death metal
Length 40:57
Label Century Media Records
Producer Ciero, Krisiun
Krisiun chronology
Works of Carnage

Bloodshed is an album from the death metal band Krisiun. It includes half of the Unmerciful Order EP, as well as eight new tracks (including interludes). Though sometimes considered a compilation, or an EP, the band considers Bloodshed to be an album.

The album was released under the license of Scarecrow Records in 2004, and despite its length, it was wrongly marketed as an EP. Tracks 1–7 and 12 were recorded at Da Tribo Studios, produced by Krisiun and Ciero, and the songs 8–11 were taken from the Unmerciful Order EP released in 1993.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Slain Fate" 3:34
2. "Ominous" 3:46
3. "Servant of Emptiness" 3:24
4. "Eons" 1:56
5. "Hateful Nature" 3:12
6. "Visions Beyond" 3:24
7. "Voodoo" 2:14
8. "They Call Me Death" 3:06
9. "Unmerciful Order" 2:35
10. "Crosses Toward Hell" 2:52
11. "Infected Core" 3:49
12. "Outro/MMIV" 7:02
Total length: 40:57


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