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Bloodsport is the name of three DC Comics mercenary villains, they are enemies of Superman.

Publication history[edit]

The Robert DuBois version of Bloodsport first appeared in Superman Vol. 2 #4 and was created by John Byrne and Karl Kesel.

The Alexander Trent version of Bloodsport first appeared in Adventures of Superman #507 and was created by Karl Kesel and Barry Kitson.

The third Bloodsport first appeared in Superman #652 and was created by Kurt Busiek, Geoff Johns, and Peter Woods.

Fictional character biographies[edit]

Robert DuBois[edit]

Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
First appearance Superman vol. 2, #4 (April 1987)
Created by John Bryne
Karl Kesel
In-story information
Alter ego Robert DuBois
Team affiliations Aryan Brotherhood
Abilities Access to high tech weaponry in a warehouse by using a teleportation device.

First appearing in Superman Vol. 2 #4 (April 1987). An African-American man named Robert DuBois has a mental breakdown and becomes obsessed with the Vietnam War, after learning that his brother, Michael aka "Micky" had gone to fight in his place and became a quadruple amputee.[1]

An agent of Lex Luthor persuades DuBois that Superman is the enemy and supplies DuBois with a teleporter and weapons including bullets made from kryptonite.[2]

DuBois adopts the name Bloodsport, rampaging through Metropolis, and injures Superman with the kryptonite bullets before collapsing when confronted by his brother.[3]

Bloodsport appears in JLA/Avengers as a villain who ambushes Vision and Aquaman with a group of other villains. He fights Iron Man and is restrained by Green Lantern. Bloodsport was killed during a fight with Alex Trent, the secon Bloodsport.

Alex Trent[edit]

Panel from Adventures of Superman #507 of Bloodsport II,

First appearing in The Adventures of Superman #506, Alex Trent is a fanatical racist, a member of the Aryan Brotherhood, a white supremacist group that Perry White and Franklin Stern encountered when they were younger. He adopts the name Bloodsport, ironically used previously by an African American. He also has a similar teleporter grafted into his body, which he can likewise use to summon weapons. He is captured by Superman after Ron Troupe destroys the warehouse from which he was teleporting his weapons.

Some time later, in an effort to provide an outlet for rising tensions at Stryker's Island Prison, a boxing match between the two Bloodsports is organized. Trent is able to activate his teleporter, and bring in weaponry. In the resulting confusion, DuBois is killed while trying to escape.[3] Trent is later burned in his prison cell by the Brotherhood for showing weakness in front of DuBois.

The teleporter technology has since been used by the anti-corporate vigilante Demolitia.


A new Bloodsport has recently appeared in Superman comics, teaming up with Hellgrammite and Riot, but little has been revealed about him thus far.

Bloodsport is seen among the captured villains in Salvation Run. [4]

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