Bloodthirst (novel)

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Star Trek Pocket Book Bloodthirst.jpg
Author J.M. Dillard
Country United States
Language English
Series Star Trek: The Original Series
Genre Science fiction novel
Publisher Pocket Books
Publication date
1 December 1987
Media type Print (paperback)
Pages 264 pp
ISBN 0-671-64489-0 (first edition, paperback)
OCLC 17242533
Preceded by How Much for Just the Planet?
Followed by The IDIC Epidemic

Bloodthirst is a Star Trek: The Original Series novel written by J.M. Dillard, published by Pocket Books.[1] The novel's story focuses on a manmade virus which causes its victims to suffer many of the characteristics of vampires, including light sensitivity and a thirst for blood.

Plot summary[edit]

The Enterprise is called to a remote bio-research lab on planet Tanis to answer a distress call, finding only a single survivor upon arrival. The survivor, Dr. Adams, is uncooperative in discussing the details of the research on Tanis, or how the other members of the research team died. Eventually, it is revealed that Tanis was an illegal biological warfare lab, run by a secret faction within Starfleet. The story also focuses on a security officer, Stanger, who becomes infected after an attack by Dr. Adams.


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