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Bloodthirsty (or The Bloodthirsty Trilogy) is a 1970s Japanese vampire film trilogy produced by Toho Studio, consisting of three of their 1970s horror films: The Vampire Doll, Lake of Dracula and Evil of Dracula.[1] While there is no plot connection between the films, they share a vampire theme. The films were all directed by Michio Yamamoto and co-written by Ei Ogawa.[2]

All three films have been released on Blu-Ray in a box set from Arrow Video.[3] This release included uncompressed mono audio, Toho's export English dubs for Lake of Dracula and Evil of Dracula, a video appraisal by Kim Newman, original trailers, and a collector's booklet in the first pressing.[4]

List of films[edit]

  • The Vampire Doll (1970) - released in Japan as Chi o Suu Ningyo (translation: The Bloodthirsty Doll[5]), aka Legacy of Dracula[6]
  • Lake of Dracula (1971) - released in Japan as Chi o Suu Me (translation: Bloodthirsty Eyes)[7][8]
  • Evil of Dracula (1974) - released in Japan as Chi o Suu Bara (translation: The Bloodthirsty Rose)[9]


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