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The Fathom Five are a team of fictional sea-dwelling terrorists appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The team is partially composed of previously existing characters. They debuted in the first few issues of the New Thunderbolts and have fought Namor and Warbird.

Publication history[edit]

Fictional team history[edit]

Fathom Five is an extremist group of Atlanteans seeking to destroy the humans. The group is composed of five members: Bloodtide, Dragonrider, Llyron, Manowar and Sea Leopard. They attacked Beijing before turning their attention to New York City. They were defeated by the newly reassembled Thunderbolts.[1][2] They retreated to the sea and regrouped near Atlantis where they affronted and defeated some Atlantean troops sent by Namor to stop them.[3][4]

Fathom Five attacked New York a second time. One of Dragonrider's beasts destroyed the Brooklyn Bridge.[5] Fathom Five battle again with the Thunderbolts, helped by Warbird, and was defeated by them.[6][7] Llyron and Sea Leopard managed to escape. Bloodtide, Dragonrider and Manowar were taken into custody.



Bloodtide is a supervillain of Atlantean heritage, a Homo mermanus, who first appeared in New Thunderbolts #1 (January, 2005). Bloodtide's body was "ravaged by pollutants," mutating her, giving her superhuman powers. She has white eyes which lack a visible iris, white hair and turquoise skin color. She is a foe of Namor.

Bloodtide possesses the power to control the flow of water and can use it to propel forceful hard-water blasts of water, and to transport her and others through the air.


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Manowar appears for the first time in Fantastic Four Unlimited #11 (September, 1995). He looks like a jellyfish and can operate in air and water. The source of his powers is unknown. He seems to be able to make his form grow in order to engulf his opponents. His body possesses multiple tentacles which allow him to grab and hold his enemies. Manowar can produce twenty thousand volts of electricity through his membranous form.

Sea Leopard[edit]

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