Bloody Mary (Helix)

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Bloody Mary
cover to Bloody Mary #1. Art by Carlos Ezquerra.
Publication information
Publisher Helix / DC Comics
Schedule Monthly
Format Mini-series
Publication date Vol. 1: October 1996 - January 1997
Vol. 2: September - December 1997
No. of issues Vol. 1: 4
Vol. 2: 4
Creative team
Written by Garth Ennis
Artist(s) Carlos Ezquerra
Letterer(s) Annie Parkhouse
Colorist(s) Vol. 1: Matt Hollingsworth
Vol. 2: Chris Chuckry
Editor(s) Stuart Moore
Julie Rottenberg
Collected editions
Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary ISBN 1-4012-0725-1

Bloody Mary is the title of a series of science fiction comic book limited series written by Garth Ennis and illustrated by Carlos Ezquerra. All of the series were published as part of DC Comics' Helix imprint. It is also the name of the protagonist of the series.[1]

Publication history[edit]

The first series, Bloody Mary, ran for four issues from October 1996 to January 1997. The second series, Bloody Mary: Lady Liberty, also ran for four issues, from September to December 1997.


Both series are set in the year 2012, after many years of war between a fascistic (mainland) Europe versus the USA and England.

In the first series, the main character, Corporal "Bloody Mary" Malone, a highly trained American commando, is sent to Europe, along with a team and her friend, "the Major", to retrieve the Blood Dragon, a parasitic organism developed in a Himalayan research lab which makes its host almost immortal. The Blood Dragon is now in the hands of Mary's former sergeant, Anderton, who steals it to sell for the best price.

The second series, Bloody Mary: Lady Liberty deals with Achilles Seagal, a religious maniac who has generated a bigot cult which counts half a million people to take over New York City and is slaughtering thousands of innocent people. Mary Malone is sent, along with a team and the Major, to NYC to assassinate him.[1]

Collected editions[edit]

The two series were collected into a single trade paperback Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary (ISBN 1-40120-725-1) in 2005.[2]


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