Bloody Mountain (California)

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Bloody Mountain
Bloody Mountain shot form the North (Highway 203).jpeg
Bloody Mountain, Mammoth Lakes, CA, US. Shot from the North (Highway 203)
Highest point
Elevation12,558 ft (3,828 m) NAVD 88[1]
Prominence1,234 ft (376 m)[1]
Coordinates37°33′38″N 118°54′25″W / 37.5604916°N 118.9070722°W / 37.5604916; -118.9070722Coordinates: 37°33′38″N 118°54′25″W / 37.5604916°N 118.9070722°W / 37.5604916; -118.9070722[2]
LocationMono County, California, U.S
Parent rangeSierra Nevada
Topo mapUSGS Bloody Mountain
First ascentJuly 3, 1928 by Norman Clyde[3]

Bloody Mountain is located in the Sierra Nevada 1 mile South East of Mammoth Lakes (Mono County) in eastern California in the southwestern United States.[1]


The origin of the name Bloody Mountain is unclear. Some hold it was named for the color of the rocks of the mountain, while others believe it was named for a bloody skirmish between the sheriff and escaped convicts in 1871.[4]


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