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Coordinates: 51°34′26″N 0°12′4″W / 51.57389°N 0.20111°W / 51.57389; -0.20111

Bloom's restaurant
Bloom's restaurant Edgware.JPG
Former Edgware branch
Restaurant information
Food typeAshkenazi-style Jewish cuisine
CountryUnited Kingdom
Coordinates51°34′26″N 0°12′4″W / 51.57389°N 0.20111°W / 51.57389; -0.20111

Bloom's restaurant was a kosher restaurant in London. Until its last branch closed in summer 2010, it was the longest-standing kosher restaurant in England, and was well-known beyond the Jewish community. Blooms was under the supervision of the London Beth Din.


The original restaurant, in Brick Lane, London, was established by the eponymous Morris Bloom in 1920. His son Sidney continued to run the family business. In the early 1930s, the restaurant moved to Old Montague Street. In 1952 the restaurant moved to Whitechapel High St, and subsequently a second restaurant was opened in Golders Green. The East End restaurant closed in 1996, due to the changing nature of the neighborhood.[1]

For many years the Bloom's brand was maintained by the surviving restaurant in Golders Green in north west London. It was renovated in Summer 2007 and served traditional Ashkenazi-style Jewish cuisine (as opposed to many other Kosher restaurants in London which are more influenced by Israeli-style food).

A new Bloom's restaurant opened in Edgware in 2007 but has now closed.[2] Shortly thereafter, the final Bloom's outlet, the Golders Green restaurant, closed its doors too, in summer 2010.

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