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Bloom Consulting
Industry Strategy Consulting
Founded 2003
Headquarters Madrid, Spain
Key people
José Filipe Torres, CEO

Bloom Consulting is a Madrid based strategy consulting firm, specialized in Nation Branding. It was founded in 2003 by José Filipe Torres. The company's work focuses mainly on city, region and nation branding projects, the development of research tools for of tourism and investment destinations and the organization of workshops and conferences.[1]


Bloom Consulting was founded in 2003 by the Portuguese entrepreneur José Filipe Torres in Madrid, Spain.[2] The company is currently represented in 3 countries Spain, Portugal and Brazil.[3] Every year, Bloom Consulting launches the Bloom Consulting Country Brand Ranking, in two separate versions: Tourism[4][5][6] and Trade.[7][8] In addition to the yearly releases of the two global rankings, Bloom Consulting released the US State Brand Ranking in 2012[9][10] and the Portugal City Brand Ranking in 2014.[11][12][13] Among Bloom Consulting's list of clients are the governments of Germany, Sweden, Poland, Spain, Bulgaria and Bulgaria, the region authorities of Algarve, Herzegovina and Madrid as well as the cities of Helsinki, Brussels and Miami.[14][15]


[16] The result of collaboration of Poland and Bloom is a project named Polska Power which is being used by the Ministry of Economy in Poland.[17] The company tries to meet their clients halfway by the annual Country Branding Rankings.[18]

The Bloom Country Branding Ranking[edit]

Annually Bloom Consulting publishes the Bloom Consulting Country Brand Ranking. The Ranking determines the position of a country has according to its economic performance based on previous economic history.[19] The first ranking was made in summer 2011, examining 144 and 157 countries in trade and tourism field, respectively. The ranking uses dozens of variables in order to position the countries by facts and mathematical algorithms instead of pure opinions, like other country branding rankings do.[19] The methodology measures the coherency between the external messages of a country and its actual economic performance. The higher a country is on the list, the better they are compared to their competitors, in positioning themselves to attract either Foreign Direct Investment or tourists.

Media coverage and presentations[edit]

Bloom Consulting has been covered in economic newspapers and magazines such as Forbes[20] and The Economist,[21] whereby Jose Filipe Torres has been ranked as expert in the field of strategic development of countries and nation branding.

Organization and administration[edit]

Bloom Consulting SL. is a Spain-based company. It works with a country office system, meaning that offices are established in countries under a new legal structure with Bloom Consulting SL. as a stakeholder allowing individuals to join Bloom as a partner and opening a new country office after being trained by the Bloom Headquarters.[22]

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