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The Bloom Township High School District 206 is a public high school district that serves Bloom Township, Illinois. The district consists of 3,558 students in grades 9-12 in two high schools and one alternative high school.


District 206’s administration consists of an elected school board and paid executive staff. The school board consists of seven members including one president, vice president, and secretary. The members are elected on odd years in the spring and serve four year terms.

The president, vice president, and secretary are nominated and voted on by members of the school board during its organizational meeting. Illinois state law requires each school board to hold an organizational meeting following the election. During the organizational meeting the board must also seat new members and establish a regular meeting schedule.[1]

District 206’s executive staff consists of: superintendent, two assistant superintendents, director of special education, alternative principal, and director of athletics.[2]

School Report Card (Performance)[edit]

The ACT assessment for the graduating class of 2010 was lower on all subjects compared to the state average.

Area Graded Score State Average
Composite 16.6 20.5
English 15.8 19.9
Mathematics 16.4 20.5
Reading 16.8 20.6
Science 16.7 20.3

The District's overall Prairie State Achievement Examination (PSAE) performance falls below the state average.

Year District Average State Average
2008-09 19.9 53.0
20009-10 23.3 53.0

Current Administration[edit]

School Board[3]

Name Position Next Election
Donald Aparti Board President 2015
William "Bill" Angell Board Vice President 2015
Henry Drake Secretary 2017
Karen King Board Member 2017
Anthony Murphy Board Member 2017
Patricia Donahue Board Member 2015
Robert L. Rossi Board Member 2015

Executive Administration[4]

Name Position Salary[5]
Dr. Lenell Navarre Superintendent $192,000
Rhona Israel Assistant Superintendent Instruction $124,328
Kenneth Korbel Chief School Business Official NA
Dawn McCune-Angelini Director of Special Education NA
Wanda Murphy Alternative Principal $101,593
Joseph Reda Athletic Director $113,017

High schools[edit]


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