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Bloom Twins
OriginLondon, England, United Kingdom
GenresDark pop
Instrumentskeyboard, flute, harmonica, drums
Years active2013 – present
Associated acts
MembersAnna Kuprienko
Sofia Kuprienko
Paul Love

Bloom Twins are a Ukrainian-born English pop music group made up of twin sisters Anna and Sofia Kuprienko. They refer to the style of their music as "dark pop."[1] The girls released their first digital single in June 2013 and are currently producing an EP.[2]


Anna and Sofia Kuprienko grew up in the small town of Brovary, Ukraine, a suburb of Kiev.[3][4] The girls started singing early and were playing instruments at the age of five years.[4] Later on they have moved to London and pursued their musical careers. When Bloom Twins uploaded their first track to YouTube - "Fahrenheit" - in June 2013 they were 17 years old.[5]

Bloom Twins made a double impact on both music and fashion, opening the door to numerous profile pieces in magazines such as Vogue, Numero, Wonderland and ID. Soon after, a support slot for Eels at O2 Academy in Liverpool was followed by Iggy's artist of the week at MTV.[6]

Following the release of "Get up, Stand up" the Bloom Twins were featured on BBC NewsNight with Jeremy Paxman and graced pages of broadsheet coverage in most of the UK's leading newspapers and magazines such as The Sunday Times, The Guardian, Newsweek, The Daily Mail as well as appeared on BBC Introducing.[7][8][9] A period out of the country halted momentum before they made a breakthrough appearance in UNICEF’s Imagine campaign alongside Katy Perry and and other heavyweights of music and media, two years in a row.[10]

Bloom Twins Made their mark in Europe and the Far East where they have toured extensively with a number of high-profile artists from Eels and LP to Duran Duran, Seal and Nile Rodgers – in addition to headlining their own shows and festival dates: alternative TGE, Standon Calling.[11]

Both girls can play the flute, keyboard, harmonica and are learning the drums and guitar.[1]


Bloom Twins have released seven digital singles and two digital DJ remixes of their singles "Amnesia" and "Set Us Free".[12][13]

Their first release was a reinterpretation of Kish Mauve's Fahrenheit.[14] In support of the Euromaidan protesters occupying Independence Square in Kiev, they recorded a cover of Bob Marley's Get Up, Stand Up.[4][15] The girls felt that every line in the song reflected Ukraine.[2] In March of that year twins released their next single "Blue".[16] June 2016 has brought to the world a new track "Amnesia" accompanied by an arty stylized music video.[17] Later in December another track and a video for their single "Set Us Free" were released.[18] The exciting visuals take the viewer through a series of breathtaking extreme sports scenarios. For their 6th single "Talk To Me" girls have teamed up with Sane and Samaritans in order to address the urgent need for a more open conversation around mental health issues.[19] Their latest 7th single is called "She's Not Me" and it was released via multiple musical platforms on Feb 16, 2018.[20]

Bloom Twins are currently working on an EP, which they hope to release in 2018.


Year Single Album
2013 "Fahrenheit"
2014 "Get up Stand up #WeAreUkraine"
2016 "Amnesia"
"Set Us Free"
2017 "Amnesia (DJ Kid AK Remix)"
"Set Us Free (DJ Kid AK Remix)"
"Talk to Me"
2018 "She's Not Me"


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