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Bloombase, Inc.
Industry IT security
Founded 2012
Headquarters Redwood City, California, USA
Products Encryption

Bloombase, Inc. is a company which develops and markets information security solutions to help organizations lock down data with transparent encryption technologies and mitigate data exfiltration threats.


Bloombase enables encryption to be delivered in form of virtual machine on hypervisors including VMware ESXi[1], Citrix Xen, Oracle VirtualBox and VM Server, Microsoft Hyper-V, IBM PowerVM, and Red Hat Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM).

Bloombase secures cloud storage and is able to run as compute instance on Amazon Web Services[2], Microsoft Azure, Rackspace, VMware vCloud Air, IBM SoftLayer and Bluemix.

Bloombase supports AES[3], RSA[4], Camellia[5], GOST, SEED and ARIA cryptographic cipher algorithms. The Bloombase Cryptographic Module has received NIST FIPS 140-2 certification[6].

Bloombase is one of the plenary members of the workgroup standardizing IEEE P1619[7] and is one of the early adopters of OASIS Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP) standard[8].

Bloombase is member of OpenStack Foundation[9], Linux Foundation[10] and Open Virtualization Alliance.

Bloombase was awarded Best of Show Award in Interop[11].

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