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Bloomfield Hall Schools
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Motto Towards Academic Excellence
Type Education
Chairman Nadeem Qasir
Administrative staff
Experienced Teachers
Location Pakistan
Campus All over Pakistan
Language English Medium School
Affiliations University Of Cambridge, Edexcel
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Bloomfield Hall School is an educational institution in Pakistan. The aim of the project was to provide characteristic British style education leading to British qualifications. Pupils of Bloomfield Hall are prepared for the General Certificate of Education (GCE) Ordinary Level and Advanced Level examinations of the UK examining bodies.


The school was established in 1984 by educationalists from the UK and Pakistan. The list includes Nadeem Qasir who has written Pakistan: The Political Economy Since 1947 and Angela Williams, who has experience in the education field, is a free-lance journalist. Her articles can be found in the newspapers of Pakistan including the Daily Times.

Since its establishment, Bloomfield Hall has opened schools in cities of Pakistan. It has assisted in the provision of higher education in Pakistan. In Lahore, one of its sister institutions, University College Lahore, offers degree programmes of the University of London in disciplines including economics, management, accounting, law and information system.


All students of Bloomfield Hall are prepared for GCE ‘O’ level. Successful students, then proceed to University College Lahore to do ‘A’ level courses of the University of London or Cambridge.


Branches in Lahore[edit]

To reduce travel time for little children, Bloomfield Hall has established junior school branches.

Inter-city transfer system[edit]

Bloomfield has branches in a number of cities and offers an inter-city transfer facility to the students.

University College Lahore[edit]

Students of Bloomfield Hall Lahore proceed to University College Lahore to join the GCE ‘A’ level programme. The college which is a sister organization of Bloomfield Hall, has a campus with auditorium, swimming pool, libraries, cafeterias, and sports grounds.

London University degree courses[edit]

Bloomfield Hall offers its ‘O’ and ‘A’ level graduates an opportunity to pursue the University of London degree courses for external students. These courses are offered by University College Lahore.

Professional accountancy programmes[edit]

At the Lahore and Multan campuses of the College of Advanced Accountancy, the main courses offered are ACCA and CIMA.


Central region[edit]

  • Bloomfield Hall School, Khayaban-e-Jinnah Branch, Lahore
  • Gulberg Branch Lahore
  • Girls Branch LHR
  • Johar Town Juniors Lahore
  • Johar Town Seniors Lahore
  • Township Branch Lahore
  • Model Town Juniors Lahore
  • University College Lahore
  • City of London College (CLC) Lahore
  • Bloomfield Hall School Kharian Cantt
  • Bloomfield Hall School Gujrat
  • Bloomfield Hall School Gujranwala
  • Bloomfield Hall School Sheikhupura
  • Bloomfield Hall School Okara

Northern region[edit]

  • Bloomfield F-11/1 Campus Islamabad
  • Bloomfield Hall School Kamra
  • Bloomfield Hall School Peshawar
  • Bloomfield Hall School Sialkot
  • Bloomfield Hall School Attock
  • Bloomfield Hall School Mirpur (AJK)
  • Bloomfield Hall School Chakwal
  • Bloomfield Hall School Sargodha
  • Bloomfield Hall School PWD Campus Islamabad
  • Bloomfield Hall School Faisalabad Canal Campus
  • Bloomfield Hall School Faisalabad Club Campus

Southern region[edit]

  • Bloomfield Hall Prep School Multan
  • Bloomfield Hall Toddlers Multan
  • Bloomfield Hall O And A Level Branch Multan
  • Bloomfield Hall Askari Bypass Campus Multan
  • Bloomfield Hall Shah Rukne Alam Branch Multan
  • Bloomfield Hall Girls Branch Multan
  • Bloomfield Hall Upper School Multan
  • Bloomfield Hall Buch Villas Multan
  • (UCL Business School Multan)
  • DG Cement School, DG Khan
  • Bloomfield Hall College Chowk School, DG Khan
  • Bloomfield Hall Parco
  • Bloomfield Lalpir School
  • Bloomfield Hall Upper School Bahawalpur
  • Bloomfield Hall Junior School Bahawalpur
  • Bloomfield Hall Upper School Sahiwal

Management structure[edit]

Executive Board[edit]

The board consists of the following members:

  • Nadeem Qasir
  • Jalees Qasir
  • Col Khalid Hameed
  • Imran Munir

Managing director[edit]

Nadeem Qasir

Regional Directors[edit]

  • Col Khalid Hameed (Central Region)
  • Mr Aamir Iqbal Malik (Southern Region)
  • Mr Nasir Farooqi(Northern Region)

Specialist directors[edit]

  • Director of finance: Nadeem Qasir
  • Director Administration: Col Khalid Hameed
  • Director Academics: Imran Munir
  • Director of operations: Kh. Naseem

Junior and middle school[edit]

Bloomfield Hall has two major targets: at the academic level, it prepares students for GCE 'O' level; at a cultural level, it is a liberal institution which encourages independent thought and critical enquiry among its pupils.

List of subjects taught in middle and junior school

Given these aims, Bloomfield Hall has designed its own curriculum which gives weight to subjects in contact time and student assessment and promotion criteria.

Thus, English and Maths at this level are considered core subjects. They are allocated comparatively more periods per week and passing these two subjects is essential for promotion.

‘O’ level program[edit]

All students in Bloomfield Hall schools are prepared for the GCE 'O' level examination. After completing 'O' level, students either continue on to 'A' level or join the local scheme at Intermediate (FA/FSc) level.

Choice of subjects[edit]

  • For education in universities in Pakistan or abroad, English and Mathematics at 'O' level are compulsory subjects.
  • For admission to Pakistani colleges at intermediate level, six more subjects must be studied including Pakistan Studies, Urdu and Islamiat.
  • To take science subjects after 'O' level, the same subjects must be studied at 'O' level.

Keeping the above in mind, Bloomfield Hall offers the following subjects:

  • Compulsory: English, Mathematics


  • Physics, Chemistry, Biology
  • English Literature, Economics
  • Accounting, Commerce, Art and Design
  • Urdu, Pakistan Studies, Islamiat
  • Additional/Pure Maths

Students are allowed to select a maximum of nine subjects, including the compulsory ones.

'Increasing talent level' programme[edit]

GCE A level is a qualification that allows students to enter universities. In Pakistan, students with A level are admitted to BA/BSc at colleges and universities. The choice of A level subjects is important for those seeking admission to medical and engineering colleges. For medicine, A level in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics and for engineering, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry are important. For admission to courses in social sciences and humanities, rules regarding choice of subjects are not so strict.

Subjects offered at A level in Bloomfield Hall are Mathematics, Statistics, Mechanics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Business studies, Economics Accounting, Urdu, English, Law, Sociology, General Paper, Art and Design

Graduate programme[edit]

The graduate programme is offered at University College Lahore (UCL), an associate institution of Bloomfield Hall.

UCL offers degree courses of the University of London for external students in the following disciplines:

  • Economics, Management, Accounting & Finance, Law, Information Systems
  • All degrees are awarded by the University of London. They are all Honours degrees and are of 3 years' duration.
  • The law degree is the LLB (Hons) degree of the University of London.

Diploma in Economics[edit]

For students who are 18 and above, and who do not have 'A' level or equivalent, the diploma course provides an entry into the degree course. After successful completion of the one-year diploma, students join the second year of the degree programme.

The diploma course may only be taught by institutions which are fully recognised by the University of London to conduct the course. UCL is fully recognised by the University of London to conduct it.

Secondary and higher secondary[edit]

The English Medium Matriculation stream is followed in the country schools and the schools Bloomfield Hall manages. The curriculum up to Class 7 is set by Bloomfield Hall. After Class 7, students follow the curriculum set by the relevant Matriculation Board. The standards of education in the matriculation stream are ensured by the following measures:

  • Monitoring by Bloomfield Hall
  • The medium of instruction is English
  • Average strength of class is no more than 25 students
  • Remedial classes are provided to weaker students
  • Science and computer labs are set up

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