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Clark Griffith, 1903. Major League Baseball pitcher (1891 - 1914), manager (1901 - 1920) and team owner (1920 - 1955). Hall of Fame
Bloomington Bloomers
(1937-1939, 1935, 1919-1931, 1912-1917, 1899–1910, 1895, 1888-1889)
Bloomington, Illinois
  • Class B (1937-1939, 1935, 1919-1931, 1912-1917, 1902–1910)
  • Class D (1901)
Minor league affiliations
Previous leagues
Major league affiliations
Minor league titles
League titles 4 (1903, 1919-1920, 1935)
Team data
Previous names
Bloomington Bloomers (1938-1939, 1935, 1919-1929, 1903-1917)
Bloomington Bengals (1937)
Bloomington Cubs (1930-1931)
Bloomington Blues (1899-1902)
Bloomington Reds (1888-1889)
Previous parks
Fans Field

The Bloomington Bloomers were a minor League baseball franchise based in Bloomington, Illinois that played between 1889 and 1939. They were affiliates of the St. Louis Cardinals (1935), Cleveland Indians (1938) and Chicago Cubs (1939). They played primarily in the Illinois-Iowa-Indiana League during their existence. Their home park was Fans Field.[1] Baseball Hall of Fame Inductees Burleigh Grimes and Clark Griffith played for Bloomington.

League championships[edit]

In 1903, they won the league championship under manager William Connors. They won back-to-back league championships in 1919 and 1920 under the guidance of Joe Dunn. Their final league championship came in 1935, under manager and future Hall of Famer Burleigh Grimes.[2]

The ballparks[edit]

In the seasons of play from 1901-1939, Bloomington played at Fans Field, located at 109 E. Lafayette Street. Today, the site still has baseball fields as part of the City of Bloomington Park and Recreation system. It is now known as RT Dunn Fields.[3]

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