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BlooSee is a web- and mobile-based social mapping platform for ocean recreation and conservation. The platform is designed to host a combination of crowdsourced and institutional media, forecasts, charts, and location-based points of interest, safety, navigation, conservation, and cruising routes.

BlooSee is owned by BlooSee, Inc. a Silicon Valley startup company[1] founded in 2010 by Internet entrepreneurs Pedro Valdeolmillos (originator of the idea) and Marc Puig.

The Explore Section[edit]

The Explore Section of BlooSee offers bits of geolocated information contributed by users layered over satellite imagery of the world. These bits of information are called infopoints and are represented by color-coded icons. Users can create and edit infopoints like in a wiki. A menu on the left hand side of the screen presents a taxonomy of infopoints and allows to show, hide and create different types of infopoints. Each infopoint has a unique URL and accepts hyperlinks and photos.

Nautical charts

A nautical chart layer allows to overlay NOAA (United States), New Zealand/Pacific Ocean and Brazil nautical charts, while a slider offers control of their transparency over the map.

Wind conditions and forecasts

A wind map overlay provides worldwide wind conditions and forecasts. Wind speed and directions are shown as arrows and color areas layered over BlooSee’s map. A slider control allows the user to adjust the transparency of the wind layer, while a time slider control provides wind predictions for the next 6, 12, 18 and 24 hours.

Other features

Other features of the Explore Section include a distance calculator, a "go to address" search box, a box for entering geographical coordinates, a route feature, and the possibility to obtaint URL's and embed codes for each map view.

The Social Section[edit]

Users and organizations

BlooSee is a full featured social network with user profiles, status updates, user groups, discussion forums, etc. and where users can "follow" and message others, as well as "like" infopoints and mark these as "I have been there". Users have the possibility to sync their activity on BlooSee with their Facebook and Twitter profiles.

Companies an organizations are also represented by means of dedicated pages.


BlooSee features a free user sourced boat database. The database features all major categories of vessels including; cruise/sail yachts, motor boats, tall ships, historical, dinghies, and race sailboats. The boats database is intended to make boats social and accessible for their followers, owners, and potential users. Boats can be added by any member.

Mobile applications[edit]

BlooSee is available as a free iOS application on iPhone and iPad. The application gives members access to most of the web platforms features including: boat database, maps, nautical charts, weather forecasts, member activity feed, ocean media, and a navigation station. The application also includes a tracking feature, by which users can record trips on the water that are instantly available on the platform. These can be turned into routes and shared with other members.

The company has announced development of Android applications.

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