Blosseville Coast

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Blosseville Coast
Blosseville Kyst
Coastal region
Blosseville Coast is located in Greenland
Blosseville Coast

Location of the Blosseville Coast
Country Greenland
Municipality Sermersooq

The Blosseville Coast (Danish: Blosseville Kyst)[1] is a long stretch of coast in King Christian IX Land, eastern Greenland. Administratively it belongs to the Sermersooq Municipality.

It was explored in 1833 by Jules de Blosseville, commander of "La Lilloise", after whom it is named.


The Blosseville Coast is located between Kangerlussuaq Fjord and Cape Brewster at the entrance to Scoresby Sound. Compared to other coastal areas in Greenland the coast in this area is only slightly indented and the Greenland ice sheet largely comes down to the shore. There are only a few islands lying off the coast and they are generally small.[2]

The coast is steep and difficult to access by ship owing to the great number of ice floes.

Map of Greenland section.


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