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Birth nameMichael Bishop (2014-present)
GenresThrash metal, punk rock, shock rock
Occupation(s)Vocalist, bassist
Years active2014–present
LabelsMetal Blade Records
Slave Pit Inc.
Associated actsGwar

Blöthar the Berserker is the current lead vocalist and occasional bassist in the metal band Gwar. He then appears as a stout pigface horned goblin. Gwar's appearance at the 2014 Chicago Riot Fest debuted an udder that sprays fluids on the crowd, much like the "Cuttlefish of Cthulu" penile attachment sported by the late Gwar singer Oderus Urungus. Blöthar is usually portrayed wielding a wooden shield and battle-axe.


According to Gwar mythos, Blöthar came to Earth from Scumdoggia after his awakening shortly after the death of singer Oderus Urungus. Over the decades he had been watching Gwar getting girls and smoking crack off the back of the songs he had written, and he wanted a piece of the action. After a battle for supremacy, he took place, reigning over Gwar and the Slave Pit. Blöthar's ceremonial headdress is fashioned from the gigantic antlers and the pelt of a Spectral Moon Moose he killed eons ago. He carries a mighty battle axe, impenetrable shield, and is outfitted with a pair of udders which is the main natural defense mechanism of his species.[1][2] Blöthar is portrayed by Michael Bishop, who originally played Beefcake the Mighty, from 1988-1994, and again from 1998-1999.


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