BlueCrest Capital Management

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BlueCrest Capital Management
Formation2000; 23 years ago (2000)
FounderMichael Platt
William Reeves
600[citation needed]

BlueCrest Capital Management is a British-American hedge fund which was founded by British billionaire Michael Platt and American William Reeves in 2000.[1] The New York City-based company has registered offices in Geneva, Singapore, and elsewhere.[2] BlueCrest Capital Management is Europe’s third-biggest hedge-fund firm, managing over £30 billion.[3] The firm's employees are estimated to number 600.[4]

It also operates as Bluecrest Recruitment, BlueCrest Inc,[5] BlueCrest Capital Management, Limited, and BlueCrest UK.[6] Until 2014 it was BlueCrest Capital Management, LLP. It has a flagship fund BlueCrest Capital International Master Fund Limited, and a US fund BlueCrest Capital L.P.[6]


In 2014, Bluecrest spun off $8.2 billion worth of assets into a new company, Systematica Investments, run by Bluecrest employee, Leda Braga. CNBC has referred to Braga as "the most powerful woman in Hedge Funds", earning in excess of $50 million annually.[7][8]

In 2015, Bluecrest announced its plans to return all outside capital to investors and transition into a private investment partnership that would manage money for its partners and employees.[9][10]

The fund generated returns of 50% in 2016, 54% in 2017,[11] 25% in 2018 when the average hedge fund lost money, and 50% in 2019.[12]

In March 2020, BlueCrest reduced the size of its relative-value trading book, which seeks to exploit anomalies in related securities. The company also cut risk across the firm by about $1 billion. BlueCrest suffered some losses after the sell-off, but the investment fund was up for the year through the close of trading on March 11.[13]

On Dec 8, 2020, The Securities and Exchange Commission announced that UK-based investment adviser BlueCrest Capital Management Limited has agreed to pay $170 million to settle charges arising from inadequate disclosures, material misstatements, and misleading omissions concerning its transfer of top traders from its flagship client fund, BlueCrest Capital International (BCI), to a proprietary fund, BSMA Limited, and replacement of those traders with an underperforming algorithm.


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