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BlueKai is a cloud-based big data platform that enables companies to personalize online, offline, and mobile marketing campaigns.[1] BlueKai was acquired by Oracle on February 24, 2014, for around $400 million. Originally, BlueKai was created in 2008 by Omar Tawakol, Alexander Hooshmand, and Grant Ries, beginning as a marketing tech start-up based out of Cupertino, California.[2]

The company offers services relating to third party data collecting. BlueKai collects PC & smartphone users' data to enhance ad marketing for their clients, and has about 700 million actionable profiles.[3] BlueKai has previously worked with companies like Twitter and Facebook to ensure relevancy in the ads that appear for those companies' users. As a third party data collecting company, they collect information on users surfing the web, though BlueKai does not collect information like sensitive financial details, adult material, or health issues.[4] Still, the company has received criticism because users feel services like those they provide are an invasion of privacy.[5]

Other clients and sites using BlueKai's services are,,,,,and[6]


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