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Traded as NYSEBXC
Industry Wholesaling
Founded 2004
Headquarters Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Products Building products
Revenue Decrease $1.881 Billion (2016)[1]
Increase $0.042 Billion (2016)[2]
Increase $0.016 Billion (2016)[2]
Total assets Decrease $0.444 Billion (2016)[1]
Total equity Decrease $-0.030 Billion (2016)[1]
Number of employees
1,600 (2016)[3]
BlueLinx warehouse, Ypsilanti Twp., MI

BlueLinx Holdings is a Fortune 1000 company based in Atlanta, Georgia. It was formed in May 2004, when senior management purchased the assets of the distribution division from Georgia-Pacific. Cerberus Capital Management provided the equity financing and became majority owner.[4]

The distribution division of Georgia-Pacific Corporation had begun operations in 1954 with 13 warehouses used for storage and distribution of Georgia-Pacific plywood.[4] Over the next 40 years, the division grew to over 130 warehouses nationwide, offering a wide range of products. In 1994, the division consolidated its warehouses and created two large sales and operations centers in Denver, CO and Atlanta, GA. for the purposes of operational efficiency.

BlueLinx completed its initial public offering on the New York Stock Exchange on December 14, 2004.[5][6]

The company's operations consist of a network of 39 distribution centers located throughout the U.S.[7]


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