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Type of site
photo sharing
Available in English
Alexa rank Negative increase 120,086 (April 2014)[1]
Registration Not required for viewing
Launched October 2008
Current status Active

BlueMelon is a premium photo sharing web service, providing for storage and online sale of images. It is a Web 2.0 application, and incorporating drag & drop functionality. It came out of Beta on April 2009, after having launched on October 2008.[2][3] The site is optimized for Microsoft Internet Explorer 7+, Firefox, and Google Chrome.


Along with features common with other image sharing sites.[4] Prints may be ordered from stored images.[5] The originals of the images are stored on Amazon S3. "Standard" accounts, beyond the "Basic" account, feature customization for advanced users with CSS and HTML proficiency, and the use of a custom domain, visitor password protected uploads, the ability to use links in descriptions,[6] adding custom content pages, as well as a built-in blog.[7] "Business" accounts, beyond the "Standard" account, feature watermarking, and online sale of digital images, prints, posters, and other products.[7] User photos can be uploaded using various uploaders including an iPhone/iPad application.[8] It is a "family-safe" web application, where the content is reviewed and inappropriate content is periodically removed.[9] It has an application interface allowing other developers to write their own applications using the BlueMelon infrastructure,[10] and also has a number of e-commerce features.[11]

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